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WATCH: “How Are You Addressing Antisemitism On Campus?” SILENCE

If anything could be more mindboggling than the video of the presidents of so-called elite US universities failing to unequivocally condemn calls for the genocide of the Jewish people, it is the video below, in which those same presidents maintained complete silence when asked what they have done to address antisemitism on their campuses.

At a time when antisemitism has risen to unprecedented levels around the world and in the US, especially on college campuses, presidents of universities that proudly boast support groups for every perversion and “identity” under the sun, simply ignore the plight of a large percentage of their student bodies, many of whom are so fearful that they hide their Jewish identities.

U.S. Rep. John James (R-MI) prefaced the following video by stating: “I questioned college presidents from Harvard, UPenn, and MIT about the disturbing rise of antisemitism on college campuses across America as a result of Oct 7. Guess what happened when I asked what they were doing on campus to address antisemitism? I got SILENCE.”

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said on Wednesday: “The presidents of the world’s most respected universities legitimize anti-Semitism and refuse to say that calling for the murder of Jews is against the rules of their universities.”

“This is a dangerous and sad moment. It is absurd that places that are supposed to be a moral beacon have become a breeding ground for hatred.”

“Every American who believes in the values ​​on which the United States was founded should shake off the alarming statements, and I thank Congresswoman Stefanik for her clear stance against them. Anyone who allows anti-Semitism should not be permitted to stay one day in his position!”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

5 Responses

  1. I’m not sticking up for them or defending/supporting them, but he was totally not being fair to them.

    Watch carefully 2:10 – 2:18 – The middle woman was respectfully checking with the other women to see who should reply first, her facial impressions appear that she was prepared to respond, she looks at the others to see if they want to respond first, she then points to herself indicating that she will answer first and then he abruptly cuts them off and falsely assumed that their choice was not to answer and remain silent.

    I have no idea what she would have said, but to assume her choice was to be silent is absolutely sheker

  2. He barely gave them FOUR seconds, and at 2:14 he announces “Nothing”, then look at her mouth at 2:15

    Sorry, that what brutally wrong on his part and I don’t blame her for snobbing him out on question 2

  3. To be fair, while i appreciate his sentiment, It does seem as though the presidents had something to say, but were not quick enough with an answer.
    While it is certainly true that whatever they are doing is wholly inadequate, Mr James haste to classify them as complicit would seemingly backfire on anyone not already convinced in his opinion.

  4. Thank you Rep. John James for summing up the situation in such an accurate manner and shame on these supposed academics. “Shtika keHodah” they had nothing to say and their silence speaks volumes.

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