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PUPPET-IN-CHIEF: Trump Suggests Barack Obama Is Secretly Running The Country [VIDEO]

During a rally in South Carolina on Saturday, former president Donald Trump insinuated that former President Barack Obama is secretly running the country.

Addressing a crowd in Conway, South Carolina, Trump questioned President Joe Biden’s mental competence, asserting that he is incapable of leading the nation as he can’t even “find his way off the stage.”

Trump then proceeded to allege that Obama is orchestrating White House operations through his former vice president.

“I don’t think he knows what the hell he’s doing anyways,” Trump began. “I always say by the people who surround him or sometimes I’ll interchange, I’ll say, Barack Hussein Obama. But every time I say that the fake news. Oh, that’s a lot of fake news back there…Every time I say it. Anytime I want to have a little fun, governor. We have fun. Even though the country’s going to hell, we have to have a little bit of fun.

“But every time I interchange Barack Hussein…remember Rush Limbaugh, he’d go, Barack Hussein Obama. I wonder what he was getting at. But every time I do interchanging, we do a little interchanging. They say he doesn’t know who the president is. He thinks it’s Barack Obama. I say no, no, but I think Barack Obama has a lot to do with the running of the country right now, and we can’t let that happen. He has a lot to do with it.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Can’t say about Obama, but I’m 100% sure…
    1. Biden is not cognitively capable or running things.
    2. HKB”H is the one at the the top pulling strings.
    The more you believe the last point, the less the 1st one will bother you.

  2. Akup really when no I was invited to WH. Obama made him sit in hallway for hours while he did nothing
    Just remember his administration was first one to vote against Isreal in UN and side with the terrorists He knew he could because prophecies you continually turn a blind eye to anti semitism

  3. akuperma, if Biden “supports” Israel how does resistance look like? Biden’s trying to get Netanyahu to pull out the IDF from Gaza and he’s constantly criticizing Israel.

  4. philosopher: What would an anti-Israel American government be like:

    Sanctions against any Israelis living beyond the “green line” (i.e. West Bank or East Jerusalem, based on the 1949 armistice line); no foreign aid to Israel; no tax exemption for charitable contributions to Israeli charities; bans on American financial institutions doing business with Israel; ban on export licenses for American companies selling weapons.

    Domestically: Full support for “DEI”, support for dismissing academics opposed to on campus anti-Semitism, strict compulsory education laws to crush Torah education; “Lawfare” against Jewish owned companies and businesspeople.

    What Biden is doing, both to Israel and Ukraine, is giving them enough support to stay in business, but not enough to win a victory. His theory is it benefits the US to have the “client state” stay dependent, but not go out of business. In Israel’s case, and Arab-Israeli peace agreement would create a superpower in the Middle East, which wouldn’t necessarily see eye to eye with the US (this was also the British logic in sabotaging the agreements between Jews and Arabs immediately after World War I); America benefits from conflict in the Middle East, as long as it stays under control.

  5. Trump is a Putin Asset. Meanwhile, Netanyahu just defended Biden in an interview on ABC TV. Trump is going to take revenge if he gets the chance.

  6. Akuperma, the things you suggest are impossible; he’d face immediate impeachment if he did those things.

    Modern, only filthy liars claim Trump is a Putin asset. And only idiots deny the evidence that Biden is fully owned by Xi.

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