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DISTURBING: Columbia Administrators Mock Jewish Panel Members, Use Vomit Emojis

A recent panel discussion at Columbia University on antisemitism on campus was attended by top members of the Columbia administration.

Considering the seriousness of the topic and the plight of the Jewish students, with one mother even breaking down in tears as she described her daughter’s experiences on campus, one would think that the administrators were listening attentively and resolving to improve matters.

But instead, they used the time throughout the panel to text each other mocking, hateful and antisemtic messages about the panelists, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

An audience member sitting behind Susan Chang-Kim, the vice dean and chief administrative officer of Columbia, photographed the text messages.

As the panelists spoke about their challenges on campus, Chang-Kim sent a text to Cristen Kromm, the dean of undergraduate student life; and Matthew Patashnick, the associate dean for student and family support, saying: “Did we really have students being kicked out of clubs for being Jewish?”

As the panelists continued speaking, Kramm referred derisively to an op-ed written by Columbia’s campus Rabbi, Yonah Hain, in October 2023 about the normalization of Hamas on campus.

“And we thought Yonah sounded the alarm…” she wrote to Chang-Kim and Patashnick, adding two vomit emojis.

Patashnick then chimed in with a classic antisemitic trope, accusing one of the panelists of using the issue of antisemitism on campus to raise money. “He knows exactly what he’s doing and how to take full advantage of this moment,” he texted to Chang-Kim and Kromm. “Huge fundraising potential.” Chang-Kim responded: “Double Urgh.”

Ironically, Chang-Kim also texted Kromm and Patashnick: “This panel is really making the administration look like jokers.” Patashnick replied, “Yep.”


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

6 Responses

  1. And we thought Yonah sounded the alarm…
    Huh? what does that mean?

    ““This panel is really making the administration look like jokers.”

    honestly, gibberish posts don’t mean anything.

  2. Is he actually Jewish, aside from being a toavanik?
    Marion Patashnick, 96, of Longmeadow, died Sunday, Dec. 20, 2015… She leaves two sons, Michael Patashnick and his wife, Ellen, of Springfield and Alan Patashnick of Woodland Hills, Calif.;
    …her three grandchildren, Matthew Patashnick and his partner, Sam Chandan…

  3. Jewish boys and girls shouldn’t go to college. And after they realize that, they should stop donating to such schools. Very few, if any, Muslims donate to colleges.

  4. Not getting involved,
    What does one have to do with the other?
    Besides our livush, not everything is black and white.
    There can be ingrained Antisemitism at Columbia & other universities & there can also be a problem with some of our Yeshivas not meeting govt required standards.
    Why does one negate (or provide an excuse for) the other issue.

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