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MI KIAMCHA YISROEL: Yeshivas Kaminetz Saves The Day When Bnos Leah PPY’s Air Conditioning Breaks Down – On Graduation Day!

[Submitted to YWN and published unedited]

June, graduation season! Graduates stand proudly in their graduation gowns, inspirational speakers abound, and parents are ready to accept their long-awaited Nachas!

Yet, what does a school do when their air conditioning system breaks down on the day of the planned graduation? Of course, this is also during the hottest week of the season and the temperature in the school auditorium is hovering at mid-eighty degrees before a single guest or graduate has yet to arrive!

This was the exact scenario that the administrative staff of Bnos Leah Prospect Park Yeshiva was facing on Monday June 17, 2024.

Yet, with one well placed phone call, our graduation issues were promptly resolved. Thank you, Rabbi Dovid Stamm from Yeshivas Kamenitz for graciously opening your doors and allowing us to use your space for our graduation! Thank you for working through all the technicalities that a last-minute change like this entails with tremendous grace and hospitality!

We were humbled and one again reminded how fortunate we are to be part of a community and nation dedicated to helping each other succeed!
Thank you,

Hanhalas PPY

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

11 Responses

  1. When we use the phrase, ‘Mi Ke’amcho’, when we do a favor to a neighbor, we are actually denigrating every person, who happened to be born to a non-Yiddishe mother.
    On the contrary, in today’s times, the Midas Haddin, R”L is visually active, HKB”H is instilling into the minds of young Americans so much hatred against us. It is imperative that we show HKB”H that we are a kind and loving people towards All Humans that he is constantly creating.

  2. Mi Kaamcha Yisroel, one of the most overused phrases in the Jewish community.
    It basically implies only Jews do these things. Do you think it doesn’t happen all over where due to a glitch a Non-Jewish place won’t offer their auditorium to use? Do you think only Yidden give tsedaka or do Chesed?:
    If you want to have good relations with non Jews the first step is to stop being arrogant & acting like we & only we do “Bein Adom L’Chavero” Mitzvos.
    I watched a piece on “Appalachia” (the rural Bible belt where their accents are sometimes so strong they use subtitles even though they’re speaking English) & the person said, “Most of the people in this region just want to be left alone. The traditions, the things that we value, be that family, interpersonal communication, not having cell phone technology to distract us.
    These things butt up against America’s idea of progress which is why we’ve always been seen as backwards.”
    I was sure it was a Chasid talking about his community but I watched it again & realized it was a person describing the “Rednecks” & “Hillbillies” of Appalachia.
    We have a lot more in common than we think & could get along more if we wanted too. Ader is right. Giving this a Mi Kaamcha denigrates every Gentile who is just as (or sometimes more) kind, giving & helpful as we are.

  3. Ader and Kuvult, instead of focusing on one aspect on the headline and being critical, you could either choose to give a positive comment, or not say anything at all.

  4. Why do the frum Yidden think that they can’t feel good about being Jews unless they put down everybody else? Just be happy to live according to HaShem’s Torah.

  5. To Kuvult, well said.
    How can we compare ourselves to the Chasidei Umos Ha’olom, who risked their lives to save people of a Different faith.

  6. To kuvult, nebech nebech how low can someone fall? From filling your head with non stop shtusim this is how your mind starts thinking! No one says that non Jews never do favors, but of course yiden do exceptional outstanding favors all day long that no goyim would ever do

  7. It’s important to recognize the historical fact that most goyim today are heavily influenced morally and ethically by Judaism. The 2 biggest religions stem from Judaism.

    If you want to disprove the headline, you need to find goyim who are not influenced by Judaism historically.

  8. The term מי כעמך ישראל has nothing to do with חסד. It’s about תורה, which is מבדיל us from the עמים, to be for Him.

    ואבדיל אתכם מן העמים להיות לי

  9. To istzip
    You seem to have alot of hate in yourself for all people that are not Jewish.
    You don’t realize how much pain you are causing the Creator by having blanket hatred for such a large portion of His creation. Whether you know it or not, it is the Reboino Shell Olom that is instigating the college kids with hate. Middoh Kneged Middoh.

  10. ader and Kuvult:
    Are you both even Jewish?
    Your comments are flirting with, if not being outright, heresy.
    We, the Jews, have chessed in our spiritual DNA. That is one of the three hallmarks of a Jew. Whatever nice things that gentiles might do is irrelevant. It is very appropriate (and not anything against any gentiles) to tout that chessed that we Jews do. Yes, there were gentiles who risked their lives to save Jews and others who are loyal to their Jewish employers, etc. and that is all very good. But the chessed that we do, especially as a people, is far, far, far greater than what you will find among the gentiles.

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