NCYI Calls Decision To Disinvite Palin From Iran Rally A Serious Mistake


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National Council of Young Israel President Shlomo Z. Mostofsky, Esq., made the following statement today concerning the decision to “disinvite” Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin from the “The Rally to Stop Iran Now:”

“The National Council of Young Israel is deeply disturbed by the decision to rescind the invitation that had been extended to Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Plain to participate in “The Rally to Stop Iran Now.”

Despite the fact that the National Council of Young Israel is one of the members of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, one of the primary sponsors of the rally, we were not consulted before this decision was made, nor was our opinion ever sought by the rally organizers.  We would have never acquiesced to withdrawing Governor Palin’s invitation and we think that doing so was a serious mistake.

The decision to “de-politicize” the event by repealing Governor Palin’s invitation had the opposite effect of what was intended.  Instead of focusing on denouncing Iranian President Ahmadinejad and expressing our collective outrage at his vow to obliterate the State of Israel, we now find ourselves in the midst of a political squabble that was initiated due to an ill advised decision.

At a time when the Jewish community should be seeking the support of elected officials and soliciting their assistance on issues involving the safety and security of the State of Israel, a decision was made that may have alienated the very people whose help we need the most.  By bowing to pressure from external forces, we now find ourselves vulnerable to criticism and susceptible to ridicule.  This decision undoubtedly undermined the legitimacy of the American Jewish community in the eyes of an individual who is actively seeking to become the next Vice President of the United States.

With a nuclear Iran posing a genuine danger to the future of the State of Israel and the United States, we need to join with the American political establishment and work together to defuse the Iranian threat.  We should be embracing our political allies, not driving them away.

The National Council of Young Israel urges everyone to attend “The Rally to Stop Iran Now” and to not allow any of these ancillary issues to keep them from participating in an event that is so vitally important to the State of Israel, the United States, and the Jewish nation.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. i am not going due to the fact that they have allowed shcumer hillary and the demecrats to indimidate them

    i will be calling macain palin to volunteer after being so disgusted with hillary and the dems

    i also now will no longer donate to any organization that malcolm honlien is affiliated with

  2. charliehall: Biden was invited; he had “prior commitments” – perhaps a comitment not to upset Obama’s Muslim supporters.
    I feel sorry for Mostofsky, a very nice person. But there is absolutely no more significance to this demonstration once ave J and the DJNC has demonstrated that the Jewish community is subject to pressure from the radical left.
    On its website, ave J is bragging about how they forced the cancellation of the Palin invitiation. This is the Soros-initiated group designed to show the world that AIPAC does not represent the true Jewish approach to Israel; that Jews prefer the far-left appeasement-and- surrender approach.
    So tell me again, exactly what will we accomplish by going to this pathetic joke of a demonstration, other than to provide an audience for posturing “community leaders” who put party before country, whether that country is the US or Israel?

  3. The Town Crier – where did you get that “first contacted…on Wednesday” meme? I’ve been following this story on many sources and this is the first time I’ve seen this. Please cite your source.

  4. “Jewish groups” should understand that the Liberals will never stand up for common sense positions. They are all beholden to a utopian dream of PEACE not violence, even at the expense of acheinu b’nai yisroel being terrorized.
    We should welcome the pragmatic direct approach of Sarah Palin, rather then act like babies to stand up for queen Hillary. [lets not forget the big hug to Suha arafat, in the name of “woman to woman understanding”]

  5. charliehall: There is only one massive, insulting “screwup” — the disinviting of Governor Palin. The invited guest’s message was too valuable and the political pressure exerted by Obama’s backers was shameful. At a time when Iran’s dictator is set use the UN as a political stage, the Obama group manipulated an agenda to thrown a strong supporters of Israel off a stage. I’ve read of similat tactics by Jewish organizations during World War II. makes you think of the cowardice and shame of events like the sinking of the Altalena. My family will vote Republican for the first time in our lives and will encourage all our family and friends and co-workers to do the same.