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BREAKING STORY: Double Shooting in Boro Park

ywbn13.gif2:40PM EST: Two people have been shot at 1118 42nd Street near 11th Avenue just a few moments ago. Sources tell YWN that one of the victims is DOA, with the second victim being treated for gunshot wounds to the head.

Further details will be posted shortly…..

NOTE: Hatzolah was not dispatched to this location.

(Yehuda Drudgestein / YWN-74 / YWN-88 / YWN-106)

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  1. Azi-

    Fort hamilton is 11th.
    I’m right here at the scene (live nearby)
    A couple was shot, no motive/suspect at this time.

    אינו יהודים

  2. It happend on 42nd St.between Fort Hamilton Ave. and 12th Ave. i jost came from the seen police say it’s a drug related issue !!!

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