Bedford Police Help Deliver Baby Boy At Kasho Community


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iab.jpgBedford, NY – Two Bedford police officers helped deliver a baby boy at the Talmud Torah of Kasho community center this morning, the Journal News reports. The mother said, “It’s coming,” Officer Melvin Padilla said when he and Officer Frank Egelsen walked in to the Haines Road complex at 7:00AM.

The paramedic had not yet arrived. Padilla, a trained emergency medical technician as is Egelsen, told her to hold on, but she couldn’t, he said.

“It felt like about a year and a half,” he said, before Westchester Emergency Services paramedic Christopher Langeman arrived just in time to catch the nearly fully emerged baby boy.

Padilla said it was a very exciting morning.

Mother and son were taken to Northern Westchester Hospital where, police said, they went through the emergency room straight to the maternity ward.

( / YWN-782)


  1. sounds odd … most hospitals put an already born child in pediatric ward, no matter how young. maternity is usually reserved for babies actually born in that hospital.

  2. sorry but when needed “MUSAR” someone has to say it, this post is not in place for a very kosher news agency, with due respect sould be closed

  3. #2- No, it is typical to bring them to the maternity ward. The baby still needs typical newborn care, and the mom needs her regular after care. I have never heard of such a case where the mom/baby was brought to a regular ward.