Rick Lazio Announces Candidacy For NYS Governor


LAZIO.jpgRepublican Rick Lazio announced his candidacy for governor today in Times Square, calling the current state government a “disgrace and an embarrassment.”

He said the state is in great need of change.

“The problem is not the people of New York,” Lazio said. “It’s the government of New York.”

In particular, he slammed the most recent budget, criticizing the state’s spending habits, and called for a plan to bring more jobs and integrity to state government.

“Our current concept of government doesn’t work,” he said. “We need to tear it down and envision a new model of government. It’s like fixing a roof that leaks. You fix it five times, you fix it 10 times, you fix it 20 times, but at some point you decide you can’t fix it any more. The roof needs to be replaced. We’re at that spot right now.”

Lazio says he’s running whether or not former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani enters the race. Giuliani has long been rumored as a potential candidate.

The four-term Republican representative ran for Senate against Hillary Clinton back in 2000.

Lazio is known by many for his actions during an infamous televised debate, when he approached Clinton in a move many found too aggressive.

The former congressman says he will formally announce his candidacy tomorrow in Albany.

(Source: NY1)