TEHILLIM NEEDED – Pedestrian Struck In Flatbush In Critical Condition; Driver Arrested For DWI


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ywbn111.gif5:45PM EST: Flatbush Hatzolah has just transported a 17-year-old girl to the hospital after being struck by a vehicle on Ocean Parkway & Kings Highway in Flatbush. The girl, who is a student in Shulamis High-School, was transported to Lutheran Trauma Center in critical but stable condition. Sources tell YWN that she suffered multiple fractures, was unresponsive R”L, and is currently undergoing C-Scan.

Sources tell YWN that the vehicle which struck her fled the scene, and an off-duty NYPD Sergent chased the vehicle. The vehicle was forced to stop, and the driver was placed under arrest.

Please be Mispallel for Esther bas Batya.

UPDATE 6:10PM EST: YWN has learned that the driver has been arrested for DWI (Driving While Intoxicated).

(Dov Gordon – YWN HPO Staff)


  1. May she have a refuoh shleimoh. As #1 already asked – please post her name for tehilim when possible.

    A big shkoyach for the off-duty NYPD sergeant (with an A) who followed and caught the perpetrator.

    Just wondering – what is “critical but stable”? Is that something like a “minor accident with major damage and multiple injuries” or like a “minor fire with millions of dollars of damage”? Could someone explain “critical but stable”?

  2. please update as soon as you have info. Once you let us know this happened, everyone is worried because another Yid and Yiddishe family is in pain. Please follow up.

  3. #2–Critical but stable usually means that there is no immediate risk to the person’s health but there is significant damage to his/her organs. When my son was in a coma and dependent on a respirator and other equipment, he was called “critical but stable”. The crisis was over but we were still dealing with the effects of what he had been through.

    I hope that clarifies things a bit.

  4. “critical but stable” means the injuries are critical, but the condition is not deteriorating – i.e., a fire that is under control” – the fire is still burning, but the fire-fighters have contained it and managed it so that it does not spread

  5. Ill be at the kotel in a hour i will say lots of tehillim may she have a big refuah shlamah and hopfully be able to rejoin her family in time for Sukkot!! Ester bat batya.

  6. what is YWN’s source? i’m told the driver was not drunk, a hispanic male possibly an illegal immigrant, driving a pickup truck. i am told there was a man outside on his porch who saw the man get out of his car to see if she was ok, find her unconscious, get back into his truck and drive away. the witness then got into the car of someone else who also saw the accident, and they chased him until he reached a stop sign and was unable to proceed since there was cars passing. the witness then got out of the car and stood in front of the pickup until the police came!

  7. Hero helps police grab hit-run jerk
    BY Kerry Burke and John Lauinger

    Thursday, October 1st 2009, 4:00 AM

    A brave passerby helped cops collar a driver who plowed into a teenage girl in Brooklyn on Wednesday and then tried to take off, police and witnesses said.

    The girl, identified by friends as Esther Msmar, 17, was crossing Ocean Parkway at Kings Highway in Midwood just after 5 p.m. when the silver Chevy Silverado slammed into her.

    “She flew up in the air and he kept going,” said Ely Dayan, 30, of Midwood. A horrified rush-hour crowd looked on in disbelief, but Dayan sprang into action. “I jumped in a stranger’s car and said, ‘Follow that car, er, the pickup truck!'” he recalled.

    The unidentified hit-and-run driver fled north into the service road and turned onto Avenue P – but had his escape foiled by Dayan, who pulled up alongside him.

    “I jumped out in front of his car and yelled, ‘How can you leave the scene?'” Dayan said, noting that the callous driver “just rolled up the windows.”

    Cops rolled in at that moment and handcuffed the hit-and-run driver, who was not immediately identified. He was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a suspended license, a police source said.

    Esther was taken to a hospital in unknown condition. She was coming home from yeshiva at the time of the crash, said classmate Chaya Jamour, 17.

    “She’s a good girl,” Chaya said. “She always helps her mother. So respectful, you don’t know.”

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  8. Her name is CHAYA ESTHER BAT BEHIYEH. It is not bat batya! Please notice the change and correction to her name, and please, from the bottom of my heart, say tehillim for her because she really needs it. Maybe you could do something in her zechut, so that she will get a refua be’ezrat Hashem. Maybe you could take something upon yourself, thats hard for you, and work on it, for her zechut. You can divide the Tehillim amongst your family, friends, neighbors on shabbat. Tizku limitzvot, and be’ezrat Hashem we’ll hear only biserot tovot. Amen

  9. i have updates about esther bat batya shes my sister she feeling better b’h she had a surgrey in her foot on shabbat morning n she doing well and shes trying to wake up but there giving her medicaation pills for the pain and that the updates for now

  10. hi i have updates about my sister chaya esther bat batya she doing better b’h she had a surgrey in her leg shabbat morning at 8am and the surgrey did well thank g-d and each day she getting better and tryed opening her eyes serval times thank you all for your prayer but please contuine praying thank miriam msmar

  11. hi this is chaya esther bat batya sister i have some exciting new she wake up and hopefully 2moro they will take some stuff out n she will hopefully be walking up and talking 2 us shes getting better b”h but please conutine praying hashem listening thank youu

  12. hi i have some updates about chaya esther bat batya she doing much better she making more improvement but she still doesnt talk because there a tube in here mouth but they took alot of stuff that was on from before and they put her in a regular room because shes doing better she was in the icu before and these are the updates for now thank u keep praying chaya esther bat batya

  13. hi everyone i have good news about chaya esther shes awake and she spoke and she might get out on this coming monday or friday to the rehab center thank you everyone for praying for her hashem listen to our prayer b’h kk thank you if i have any updates ill right kk thank you