PHOTOS & VIDEO: Lower East Side Sukkah Rebuilt Following Storm


scoll.jpgPHOTO & VIDEO LINK BELOW: NYC – Due to heavy winds yesterday, the largest Sukkah on the Lower East Side caved in.

Today, community members and construction workers are frantically rebuilding the Sukkah in an attempt to get the 36×36 foot structure up in time for the second days.

Last night, a limited damage control took place and was called to a halt after conditions were deemed too dangerous to continue. This morning at about 8:00AM community members were back on the scene, replacing damaged 2x4s and screwing together damaged panels. Boruch Hashem, the sukkah looks like it may be ready in time for the second days of Yom Tov.

The contractors are back at work and the schach may soon be put up again.

UPDATE: After about 10 hours of work, one third of the succah is up. (The number of splinters that volunteers have is up as well :D) Work is progressing however at a steady. The emergency effort has proven costly as fresh wood and screws were required and the builders need to be paid for their time.

Donations are being accepted. Checks can be made out to “East River Succah Association” and mailed to: East River Succah c/o Berman Family 573 Grand Street Apt D201 New York, NY 10002

YWN VIDEO & PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos, and HERE for video.

(YWN Desk – NYC)