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Location Change Of Wedding….3 Hours Before!

chupa.jpg4:00PM EST: YWN has just been contacted by a frantic family scheduled to make a wedding tonight (Thursday) in Ateres Shlomo Hall in Boro Park.

Their request was a strange one. Can YWN please notify as many people as possible about a location change for their Simcha – just three hours before their wedding!

The family was contacted by the hall at approximately 1:00PM Thursday, just hours before their scheduled Chupa, and advised that they are unable to make the wedding in the hall tonight. Although YWN has been unable to confirm exactly why the hall is unable to make a wedding tonight, but sources tell YWN that the Ateres Shlomo Hall (located at 7724 New Utrecht Ave) has been temporarily closed by the FDNY, which prompted them to contact the family.

Arrangements have just been made for the Chasunah to take place in the Ateres Chaya Hall (located at 1415 54th St) in Boro Park.

This is the wedding of Chani Kops to Shmuli Tevovitz
Kabolas Ponim 6:30PM
Chupa 7:30PM

Mazel Tov!

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN)

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  1. why dont they just put a sign on the door that everyone should go to ateres chaya??? why a whole dramatic frantic story on YWN?

  2. Ateres Shlomo belongs to AA Lieser. Ateres Chaya is leased to Weinstock of Meal Mart fame, and managed by Gedalya Jacobovits.

  3. This is what Chazal teach us:
    היא עלמא “כבי” הילולא דמיא
    This world (&all it has to offer) is only like a Wedding “Hall”
    Meaning, that tomorrow morning there’s no real difference “where” the wedding took actually place…. וד”ל

  4. #4
    I guess to spare the guests the waste of time of both going to the wrong side of town and looking for a spot only to find out its been moved.

  5. Once heard from a Gudol: This is what Chazal say “היא עלמא כ’בי הילולא’ דמיא” meaning, that this world (& all it has to offer) is jusk like a weddin “Hall” & nothing more
    Looks decorated & ready for the greatest day in your life, but, has no real effect whatsoever in anything ‘real’ in your life
    Tomorrow morning & twenty or fifty years from now there’s no big difference where the wedding actually took place, this isn’t the “Main” thing here, & this is the way Chaza”l taught us to look at Olam Haz’e ודי למבין

  6. Are you all commenting on this just because it was hock? Imagine if you were in their shoes. I was there last night, and B”H it was a gorgeous wedding, and you would not have been able to tell that a mere 6 hours before, they had to find a new hall.
    Jphone – I hope you were joking. These people don’t even have a computer in their house.
    Smart cookie – amen!
    must_hock – I’m sure they DID put a sign up, but for people to find transportation to Ateres Shlomo, and then realize they need to go 20 blocks away to a different hall, in the rain….

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