BREAKING: Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility For Failed Terror Attack; Bomber Was ‘Big Fan’ of Same Imam As Fort Hood Terrorist


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ywbn110.gifAccording to a breaking alert by the AP, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has claimed responsibility for the attempted bombing of Flight 253.

Meanwhile, Fox news has an exclusive report that cell phone-related materials, including SIM cards, were recovered during searches of “flats or apartments of interest” connected to Flight 253 bomber suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

SIM cards, which store cell phone numbers and incoming or outgoing calls, may be able to determine who was talking to whom in the months and days prior to Abdulmutallab’s flight from Nigeria to Detroit.

The cards are now being analyzed as investigators continue searching locations where Abdulmutallab may have stayed.

The discovery comes as a court hearing to determine whether the government can get DNA from the suspect was postponed. The federal court in Detroit says a hearing scheduled for Monday has been delayed until Jan. 8. No reason was given.

Investigators believe the suspect was radicalized before he went to Yemen, sources told Fox News. According to one source, Abdulmutallab traveled to Yemen sometime near the end of last year or early this year. He was there for several weeks or months, and investigators believe Abdulmutallab was “vetted for the mission” while in Yemen.

Investigators are still working to confirm whether the suspect was trained in Yemen and received explosive material there. No conclusive information has been revealed so far.

Evidence collected shows that Abdulmutallab also was a “big fan” of radical imam Anwar Al-Awlaki, as Web traffic shows Abdulmutallab was a follower of Awlaki’s blog and Web site

So far no evidence has been revealed that the two exchanged e-mails or talked one-on-one. Awlaki is an American born in New Mexico, now living in Yemen, and is the same imam from whom alleged Fort Hood shooter Malik Nidal Hasan sought spiritual advice.

Awlaki was reported to have been killed in an air strike by Yemeni forces last week, but it is now unconfirmed whether he is one of the 30 extremists killed.

(Source: Fox News)


  1. mark levin, be honest with me. I can’t board a plane with my knitting bag filled with some project for one of my grandchildren without being asked to take off my shoes and being asked if there is any liquid stashed inside my knitting needles?

  2. bubby,

    you like that stuff? the whole TSA is a ‘feel good’ thing for those who need it. to the rest of us honest people who travel, we see its a big fat joke. all the PC’niks out there MUST come to their senses & see that they are KILLING the country. you can’t let 20 towel heads walk thru security without much of any question, yet they will harass us for g-d forbid having 4oz of liquid outside a plastic bag.

  3. mark levin, I agree with you. Until we are willing to profile, I have no answer for you. Sure I don’t like it. Why should I have to suffer humiliation and the screeners waste their time when someone on line who has a questionable passport and no luggage as an example flies through because they are only allowed to make random inspections? I understand where you are coming from but this administration unfortunately is more sympathetic to the terrorists than to honest hard-working Americans.

  4. Flatbush Bubby,

    Dare I say it has been every administration that has been worried about profiling either racially or psychologically. There are far too many PC’niks out there and they are the cause of all this evil.