Explosion On Boat In Brooklyn Carrying Ethanol


000.JPG12:00PM EST: A pressure explosion occurred aboard the tanker “Sichem Defiance” approximately one mile off of Ceasers Bay, Brooklyn Sunday morning. The tanker is carrying 41,000 barrels of ethanol; the explosion occurred at approximately 9:00AM, when the #3 and #4 cargo holds collapsed, causing oxygen to enter the ethanol storage space.

No injuries were reported – the entire crew is accounted for and currently inside the ship’s pilot house. There was no resulting fire or fluid leakage into the surrounding water. The Coast Guard is on scene with multiple boats and a chopper is hovering above the vessel.

Dozens of NYPD and FDNY units are on the scene, including various special units used in emergencies such as these.

The Coast Guard has established a security zone around the vessel.

There is reportedly 18 people aboard the boat, and officials are working on evacuating them.

(Eli Gefen / YWN-160 / YWN-161)