VIDEO: Kahanists Crash Levaya of Neturei Karta Leader


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During the Sunday evening Levaya of Neturei Karta leader Moshe Hirsch, a number of persons identifying with the teachings of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane burst into the crowd expressing joy over the death of the man, who officials believe was about 90. His exact age was not known.

A confrontation resulted but order was restored in a short period of time. Itamar Ben-Givir explained that Hirsch was an “enemy of the Jewish People who met with the president of Iran and therefore an enemy”.

Click HERE to see video footage of the Levaya.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. just watched the video. where is the levaya crashing? and yes, appropriate tefilah. i hope he now has to give his din ve’cheshbon.

  2. I would’t agree to anyone crashing anyone’s Levaya. If a person is indeed an enemy of the Jewish people and made Churban – this is between him and Hakodosh Boruch Hu.

  3. Thank HaShem there were no paskevilim announcing his timely dead… May HaShem have mercy on him for all the damage that he has done.

  4. Klal Yisroel, publicly hugging and shaking hands with Yasser Arafat makes Moshe Hirsch enemy #1 to the Jewish people. He never, ever regretted his actions with publicly supported Yasser Arafat.

  5. Disrupting a funeral is almost universally considered to be disgusting behavior. It is conduct such as this that has so discredited the “Kahanists” that they are regarded as criminals by both the Israeli and American governments. It is a pity to see how much they have degenerated since R. Meir Kahane’s death.

  6. I think this man was a lowlife because he contributed to the deaths of many Jews. His conduct emboldened groups like Hamas because they were able to use him as a rallying cry to say to moderates “look we’re really only killing some of them, not all.”

    That said, I don’t think it’s proper to make any sort of statements at a funeral. It brings to mind the Westboro Baptist Church… we are classier than that. Protest this vile creature all you want, but not at a funeral. There’s a time and a place for everything.

  7. #9 etc. –
    Everyday proves more and more how CORRECT the hashkafot of Rav Kahane ztzvk”l were.
    POSSIBLY some of his methods were questionable (possibly)-but he was right in everything he said.
    Unfortunately we did not merit to see his ideas implemented. If we had, THOUSANDS of Jewish lives could have been saved.
    He was ahead of his time.

  8. Israel is always a happening place.
    You can be an activist for every and any issue on a 24/7 basis, it is the land of raw opinions and everyone is a ‘know it all’ B”H.

  9. rav shneiyer kotler said his [hirsh’s] kavanah was lisheim shamayim!! [ofcourse good intentions are …only just that & ofcourse rav shneiur disagreed with him like all other gedolim.]

  10. to #5:

    You know that I am right. I will in no way agree Chas Veshalom with Hirsh’s actions, but WE are not the ones to “Punish” him, it is the one above who will judge him and take care of him, not us.

  11. “Red” Hirsch was a relief pitcher for Baltimore Orioles for short zman before joining Reb Aaron zatzal in Lakewood!

  12. 1) Why is Kahane referred to as a “Rabbi” and not Hirsch? Note that throughout the article he is only called ‘leader’. Kahane was recognized as a terrorist by the US and the State of Israel.
    2) So I presume everyone attacking Hirsch for interacting and supporting Arafat will do the same for Rabin, Netanyahu, and Ehud Barak–all who had basically done the same? Although in their case it was not only recognition but also financial support for the PLO/Palestinian Authority under Arafat’s auspices.

  13. To #20
    1) Kahane was fighting for Jews, that makes him a Rabbi.
    @) Of course we should be attacking all those people without a doubt!

    And #17 i was talking about the saying it goes “The road to gehenim was paved by good intentions”

  14. I don’t understand…
    Which of the 613 was RMH Z”L ohver?
    He clearly stated many times that he had no intentions of hurting any other Yidden.
    He was simply misguided.
    He hated the medina and he tried to collaborate with its enemies so that it would collapse.
    What did he do that was so bad? He met with a Rasha? So? Do you think he would have met with them for one second if he did not think that he was helping Klal Yisroel? What terrible outcome was there from any of his meetings?
    Were his meetings any worse than aveiros or chilul hashems that unfortunately take place daily amongst Yidden?
    I am not condoning his actions in any way. I just don’t understand why this man is the target of such horrible k’lalos and terrible wishes.
    This man was a chozer for RAK. A Yid who was a massive talmid chacham. He spent his life trying to help other Yidden and was unfortunately misguided. But why is it that people are saying these terrible things. I just don’t get it. Please explain.

  15. Although he was terribly misguided, I really don’t think we can call him a Rasha and definately not an Apikores. Did he actually support killing jews or is it your analyses that he strengthened them. Even so, were they really waiting for his go ahead before killing jews? Let’s classify things for what they actually are, and not get carried away.

  16. Rabbi Kahane had smicha from the Mir.. . Kach party was marked as supporting terrorism… not Rabbi Kahane…
    Terrorism in 1990 is not was Terrorisim is since his death… u cant compare RABBI kahane to Bin Laden, Or Sadam, or Amedjhad or any of these clowns– Rabbi Kahane sole purpose was to make israel jewish -he did not condone violence,,,he was willing to pay the arabs to leave… you can call that a rascist if you wish–not terrorism

  17. #20 Meir Kahane never caused or supported any terrorism, unless you want to call that smoke harmless bomb that mearly disrupted a Russian Ballet to protest the horrible treatment of “refuseniks” in Russia, “terrorism”.

    The reason he was put on the US terrorism list was to show the Arab world “equivelency” when Hamas and other Arab terrorist groups were finally put on the list after many decades of waiting to see those groups put there.

    That is why Kahane’s goups was on the list…. Not because he was actually a terrorist.

  18. Kahane wasn’t a terrorist, but he he went against the Gedolim. There wasn’t a single godol who supported his radical anti-Torah agenda.

  19. BS”D

    A fitting end for Hirsch the kapo would have been burial next to someone else who shook Arafat’s hand in public and was in fact far more dangerous to the safety of Yidden in Eretz Yisroel as well as a true enemy of kol davar shebekdusha.

    I refer to the one who was assassinated by a certain Yigal Amir.

    Also, anti-Zionism is very legitimate, whereas accepting money from a bloodthirsty tzoirer who killed more Jews than anyone in our time except Hitler YMS is pure rishus. Even the clownish antics of the Monsey and London Ku Klutz Kartel and the old yold in Manchester are not in a league with Hirsch of less than blessed memory and his intimate relationship with Arafat YMS. What is more, in an interview which Hirsch gave before senility set in he just about admitted that he was in it for the money and the notoriety.

    I agree with Rav Shmuel Eliyahu shlita who says that the corpse of this kapo should not be buried in Eretz Yisroel EXCEPT that I feel he should be buried next to that one of his own ilk whom I mentioned above.

    And now back to no more comments.