Snowstorm To Drop 6 To 12 Inches Across Tri-State


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Another snowstorm is on its way to the Tri-State on Tuesday night, but it won’t be as powerful or disruptive as the Bloomberg-Blizzard.

Residents can expect an accumulation of 6 to 12 inches as the clouds slowly move into the area over Monday night and throughout Tuesday. The snow will start to develop late Tuesday night and will last through Wednesday afternoon.

A winter storm watch is in effect until 6 p.m. Wednesday for southeast New York, southern Connecticut and northeast New Jersey.

The storm shouldn’t affect Tuesday’s afternoon commute, but the heavier bands of snow will fall overnight and will impact Wednesday’s morning commute.

There will be plenty of leftover snow and gusty winds of up to 35 mph which will create snow drifts Wednesday.

The freezing temperatures are expected to remain through the rest of the week.

(Source: WCBSTV)


  1. miri1998- I assume you have a nice warm place to live and your gripe is probably about snow shoveling, kids home from school, etc. You are lucky. I need a place to stay and maybe a decent meal.

  2. YWN-

    Please do not turn this new upcoming snowstorm into a political swipe. The story, as the source states, goes like this:

    “Another snowstorm is on its way to the Tri-State on Tuesday night, but it won’t be as powerful or disruptive as the post-X-Mas blizzard.”

    Instead, you decided to switch the words “post-X-MAs blizzard” to “Bloomberg-blizzard”.


    I used to love coming to this website, but the political slant on even the most obscure of stories is turning me away.

    Please- report the news. Leave the political slants for the editorials.

    Moderators Note: The switch was made with no political agenda whatsoever. It involved the word(s) which we edited in your comment as well.

  3. Nice one moderator!!! Besides astonished, ywn is not the only place that’s calling it bloombergs blizzard! I’ve heard it on a couple of other news sites too!

  4. accuweather keeps changing their prediction- first it was let than an inch for tomorrow and 2.5 for wednesday. then it was something else, i dont remember what, and now its 3.9 and 5.9- i dont remember which is for tuesday and which is for wednesday. for my sons sake, i hope there is school wednesday, and if not then for sure thursday.