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Jewish Cemetery in Czech Republic Is Desecrated

cemetery1.jpgA Jewish cemetery has been desecrated in a northeastern Czech town, an official said today. Jirina Garajova, head of the Jewish community in Ostrava, 350 218 miles east of Prague, said that 25 tombstones were overturned at the Jewish cemetery in the nearby town of Bohumin. The cemetery, dating back to the 19th century, is no longer used for burials and opened to public on July 1 after renovations. (Source: AP)

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  1. Seeing as the earth is only 7,926.41 miles in diameter at the equator (or 7,901 through the poles), this number seems awfully high.

    I checked it out at Google maps, and I think that means to say that Ostrava is 350 kilometers, or 218 miles (both numbers are rounded off, apparently) from Prague.

    A mere typo.

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