President Bush pledges $190 million to PA


bush.jpgPresident Bush spoke Monday afternoon at the White House about the Mideast. He proposed a peace conference and pledged U.S. $190 million in financial support for Abbas, who controls just the West Bank after the Islamic militant group Hamas gained authority over Gaza in June. The proposed peace conference would take place this fall, and would include Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Saudi Arabia in an attempt to restart Mideast peace talks and to review progress in building democratic institutions.

He also pledged U.S. $190 million in financial support for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who controls who controls Fatah and the West Bank.

Mr. Bush described the recent Hamas actions in Gaza as “violent and lawless”.

He called the current situation “a moment clarity, moment of choice” between two paths for the Palestinian people – one represented by the moderate government led by Abbas and his Fatah faction and that of Hamas.

(Source: NPR)


  1. Yet another example of the Western mind not understand the Arab mind. They are laughing at Bush in the West Bank. The US still thinks they can win over the Arab world by throwing money around and trying to be nice. It doesn’t work that way, Mr. Bush. They want to kill you and all of western society, and will gladly take your money to help them along.

  2. the arabs profits billions of $$$ a day on oil and dont care to take of themselves. Why are we sending them another 190MM???

  3. This money will end up in Hamas’s hands. We can’t expect any help for Israel from Bush or any other politicians especially the loony left democrats.

    We must place our trust in Hashem who is showing us on a daily basis that ain lanu lehishaain eloh al avinu shebashomaim.