Missile Launcher Found in Flight Path of Newark Airport


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launcher.jpgIn an exclusive story, WCBSTV is reporting that the Feds have just located a rocket launcher in Jersey City. Apparently, a Jersey City woman found it on her lawn at 88 Nelson Street this morning. She immediately called police, and now the incident is now being investigated by the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the FBI. CBS2 sources informed them, that the missile launcher found is the kind that can take down an aircraft, and that it was found “right in, or very near the flight path for Newark Airport.”

Click HERE to watch the exclusive WCBSTV coverage.

(Photo taken from Wikipedia)


  1. Interesting how the CBS is negligent in thier reporting. They begin by saying the feds made a startling discovery of a rocket launcher. The truth is the homeowner discovered it and called the police. If they can’t be trusted to be accurate then they can’t be trusted.

  2. Dude, you guys rock with the latest breaking news – I liked the old web pages better (less clutter), but the news keeps coming fast and furious – keep the good news coming, too – we need it –

  3. Jersey City, wonder which ethnicity may be trying to shoot down a plane?
    That is a city where most of the population is muslem.
    More love from our cousins at the religion of peace.

  4. two words people, MARTIAL LAW! when is america going to learn that there is one group that constantly just want to kill us, all fitting the same profile? muslim.

  5. First of all,the woman coticed it on her front lawn when she left for work at 8 AM. She looked at it and saw it said ‘missle launcher,mfg 1985’and called police. The police took it and it was determined that it was a used launcher.Thislauncher cannot be used more than once. The question is,how long ago and where was it used? It must have came from military garbage. Imagine if real launchers were set up here,like on Israel’s borders. That would be interesting.(to say,the least)This is the way WABC and Sean Hannitty reported it.The FBI is investigating.

  6. In all the rush of Erev Shabbos preparations, there is hardly anything I found amusing today. Until I found sammygol!! Thank you sammygol, that was an incredible list of purported comments. And YW, I heartily support your commendation.

    A good Shabbos to all!

  7. I second the award for Sammygol. The news report also failed to mention that jersey city has a large Moslem population (At least 3 Mosques. Two of them are a city block square) and that Airforce One carrying the President lands at Newark when the president comes to NYC. If the weapon was used, it still may have been purchased as junkmor military surplus by somene who was trying to figure out how to re-use it. The army doesn’t re-use these as: 1) a safety precaution 2) the absurdity of having to shlep “recycleables” back home while you’re in the middle of a war. It’s possible that they even have some kind of device that permanently disables the launcher so it can Davka not be re-used by the enemy.

  8. Thank you sammygol for your reaction. Great stuff. Please keep it coming. So much more fun than all that petty bickering we usually see on these pages

  9. It was an AT-4 launcher and it was 20 years old.

    1. The AT-4 is an anti armor missile, and doesn’t have the range to hit an aircraft (certainly not from Jersey City).

    2. The launcher can only be used once; it cannot be reloaded.

    3. Since it was 20 years old and already fired, my guess is it was some ex-soldier’s trophy.

    “Much ado about nothing.”