Lakewood Police Chief Warns Residents To Take Precautions


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“This is a large, dangerous Hurricane. We have not seen anything like this – at least not in my lifetime – to hit New Jersey”, Police Chief Rob Lawson and Coordinator of Lakewood’s OEM, tells TLS. The Chief warns that Lakewood could be hit with 100 MPH winds and a lot of rain, and urges residents to be prepared. Number one, secure your home and vehicles and put away any lawn furniture and toys which could become projectiles in the high winds causing further damage to structures.

Be sure to have at least a three day supply, especially non-perishable, high energy food. Stores may be closed and you may not be able to get out. For a supply of water, you can fill up a bathtub or use other large receptacles to ensure you have water for several days.

Other items to keep in your home are flashlights, batteries, a radio and proper medications.

“You should expect to lose power”, says the Chief.

Vehicle: Make sure your car has a full tank of gas to ensure you can get away should there be a need to evacuate. Also, make sure you have cash handy, just in case.

“When the Hurricane hits, STAY INSIDE”.

Following the storm, do not attempt to go out, as there could be live wires on the ground and other hazards caused by the Hurricane.

“So please, take some common sense precautions, be prepared and be safe”.