R’ Ovadia Shlita: Journalists Have a Holy Spark Too


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In stark contrast, as Ashkenazi chareidim were protesting at Kikar Shabbos on motzei Shabbos wearing yellow stars, Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef Shlita in his weekly shiur spoke of “our love for the non-frum”, adding “When Eliyahu HaNavi comes, he will bring them back into the fold of adherence to Torah and mitzvos”.

As the tensions between the chareidi and secular camp reach new heights, the rav opted to use the forum to send a message of calm, an outstretched hand seeking to end the conflict. The rav quoted the Chafetz Chaim and how he stressed the need to bring those out of the fold back to an observant lifestyle.

“We must bring back the sinners and the secular people. Even the journalists have a holy spark. We must work to bring people back, towards unity”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. WOW! I’M SHOCKED AND SICKENED! Doubt you’ll publish this but for you yourself think! Are you so low??? Are you so desperate to cause friction? “In stark contrast, as Ashkenazi Chareidim were protesting at Kikar Shabbos on Motzei Shabbos wearing yellow stars”. Did you really have to put the word Ashkenazi in? Did you HAVE to make this into a culture thing? COMPLETELY SICK! You couldn’t just report the story by itself showing something nice without bringing out machlokes?

    Moderators Response: Haven’t the foggiest idea what your talking about.

  2. Moderator, why do you only quote that part of the Rav’s speech where he speaks about chulonim. You completely missed the first part where he says what the charedim did was assur!! He says it is provocation and looking for a fight.

  3. Proud Orthodox Jew-
    Calm down- what are you so upset about??!!
    I do not think AT ALL that any slight was intended. It was simply just clarfying what had actually taken place.
    I think you fabricated in your head about “a culture thing”
    Seriously speaking A- Do not get so worked up by a stupid thing that was intended
    B- speak NICELY even if you are upset.

    If you will internalize this, you will find yourself leading a much calmer, relaxed life.

    Good Luck!!

  4. The only response to sinas chinam is ahavas chinam.

    I suggest that everyone make the following declaration:

    I hereby declare that even though I take a particular position with regard to Israeli politics, elections, and related social issues (as I have been instructed by my Rabbis and teachers), and act in accordance with this position and try to persuade others of its rightness, it is in no way my intention or desire to allow my holding this position to cause any form of personal discord between myself and any other Jew, even those who hold with positions that differ from or are opposed to mine, or who are affiliated with groups and organizations that differ or are opposed to any group or organization with which I am affiliated. To the contrary, l hereby declare my firm resolve and determination to fulfill the precious mitzva of loving all my fellow Jews and of treating them with all the love and respect and bestowing on them all the forms of chessed that are required our holy and beloved Torah, however they may hold concerning all the issues mentioned above, even those that are most dear to me and however strenuously we may oppose each other on those issues aud their practical implications, or whatever affiliations they may have that may differ from mine. In the merit of our fulfilling the mitzvos of the holy Torah, may HaKadosh Boruch Hu have compassion on His people and bring the Geula Shleima speedily in our days.

  5. The fact that rav ovadia is a sphardi gadol has nothing to do with the fact that he is showing ahavas yisroel all the gedolim have an extreme amount of ahavas yisroel he just has an extremly public forum in which he can express it and further more he is not involved with what is happening however other gedoilim are involved in this so they can’t deflate the situation in such a way but they by no means or way argue on the above stated ideals of kiruv and ahavas yisroel but the torah is not hefker and that point must be made

  6. #5- hysterical hatred is not running rapid in the streets of Israel.. just on the news. The run of the mill Israeli chareidi has only a vague knowledge if that much of what is going on.

    In Israel just yesterday I saw a chareidi shopkeeper being extremely nice to the bare headed customer or the secular woman customer etc etc.. I saw Chareidi boys frolicking with Dati Leumi boys ..

    Stop reading the news and talk to the actual Chareidi residents before making generalizations.

  7. #12- i was just quoting Rav Ovadya Yosef so if you have a problem take it up with him not with me. If we can sit here and generalize on the the chiloni community then why is it wrong if people generalize on the chareidi community. It should be clear when I said chaeidi I was talking about those that took part in the protest.