PHOTOS: THIRD Abandoned Shaimos Truck Found – This One In Flatbush


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The contents of this abandoned “Shaimos Truck” are a bit different then the first two.

The first incident was a loaded Shaimos truck in Boro Park, found on Wednesday afternoon, on 15th Avenue and 62nd Street, with Shaimos found all over the nearby train tracks. The second loaded Shaimos truck was found in Williamsburg early Thursday morning on Williamsburg Street West and Flushing Avenue.

This latest truck was found in Flatbush on Avenue M and East 22nd Street, where it’s been sitting gathering parking tickets since it was parked there just before Pesach started. Except what was found inside this truck is a bit different.

Apparently, to entice people to sell their Shaimos to their trucks, the people running this operation started putting signs on the trucks stating that they “accept clothing” – meaning clothing dropped off, will be given to the needy. (The previous story had an unclear sign which read “We accept cloth” [see image]). Sadly, this clothing never went to any needy people. All those who dropped off their clothing at the trucks parked on Nostrand Avenue and Avenue M (in front of Rabbi Sherer’s Shul), or on Coney Island Avenue and Avenue L (across from Pomegranate parking lot), can go to the abandoned truck on Avenue M and East 22nd Street and take it back. The truck is unlocked, and open for you to go in. Besides being a bit moldy and smelly, the clothing should otherwise be perfect.

UPDATE: An individual involved in the Shaimos Truck tell YWN that “the clothing on the truck was collected up until erev Pesach and the operator has been investigating where to give this clothing to and intends to find an appropriate place before returning the truck as it was on a one month rental. Since the operator is heading back to Yeshiva in Israel on Sunday he has had every intention of doing so before then.”

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos.



  1. I called Misaskim this morning & suggested that they put out Shaimos trucks next year & they could charge to make money for their organization. This way the people of Flatbush will know they are giving their shaimos to someone we trust & know will give it a proper burial.

  2. I once worked for one of these shaimos guys, it was a big top secret where all the stuff was taken to be buried, now I know why. People should revisit the halachos or ask a rav exactly what needs to be buried. There are certain items that may be double wrapped and placed in the trash.
    I have also seen people at levayos drop in bags of sheimos.

  3. The most amazing part of this #SheimosShanda in Flatbush & BP is that the Traffic cops just kept ticketing abandon trucks in residential area’s & never reported it to anyone?. What happened to the “Hightened Alert” from the NYPD? Better yet, what about the neighbors?

  4. 1. did the fraudulent shaimos truck have a hechsher?

    2. if a shaimos truck is collecting clothes is that indicative that its a fraud

    3. Does anyone know if the shaimos truck stationed on cornaga ave in far rockaway was legit or not?

    4. I was charged by a shaimos truck to cover delivery expenses to israel. when i told him I will come back tomorrow to bring clothes. he said “please be sure only to come to my truck” I did not come back because i suspected he was pocketing the shipping expenses. if he was a legit tzedakah why would he care where i went?

  5. Last year or 2 years ago (I’m don’t remember exactly) there was an abandoned shaimos truck in Lakewood. In Chateau Grand. I think the Township cleaned it up.