Yad L’Achim ‘Commandos’ Grab Mom & Children from Hospital


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The window of opportunity to act to save the Jewish mom and her newborn son along with her 1-year-old daughter from her life of physical and emotional abuse was small. The woman gave birth on Simchas Torah, and Yad L’Achim officials, who were quite familiar with her case, knew that had to act fast or chas v’sholom miss the opportunity and the mother would be compelled to return to her life of pain and suffering in southern Israel along with her small children and their Arab father.

The day selected was a Wednesday, when mom was being discharged from the hospital. The Yad L’Achim team arrived early, accompanied by one of the organization’s social workers. They spoke with mom alone and explained in to her in detail how she must act. They stressed she must adhere to every word and not stray, not even for a moment.

There were well aware the newborn’s Arab dad was in the hospital too, and they were planning each step extremely carefully. Once all the discharge papers were signed, mom went to a waiting to sit with the baby as her husband packed up their belongings in the room. She remembered her instructions very carefully and waited for the Yad L’Achim commandos. Simultaneously, the Yad L’Achim social worker picked up their 1-year-old from the daycare.

Without more than a moment’s notice the order was given and they made their escape via a rear entrance of the building. It took dad about an hour before becoming suspicious. Apparently he thought his wife was getting their older child and taking care of last-minute paperwork. Baruch Hashem the commando team succeeded in getting the young Jewish mother and her two children to a secret location where they will begin assisting her in building her new life, returning to her Jewish roots. Baruch Hashem the boy had a bris on the eighth day, and those present explained just how emotional event it was.

The bris was not over before the tzibur began singing תהא השעה הזאות שעת רחמים and the height of the emotional event was when the mohel, Rav Shimon David, who heads the Kollel for Mohalim recited שמע ישראל, which in this case carried a special significance. The mother made the brachos of שהחינו and גומל with a kavona that was palpable in the room.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Amen vamen, yehi baruch Yad Achim. These girls need lots of TLC, psychological and financial assistance, there have been a handful of cases where the women return back to the lives with their Arab spouse….you must daven for them.

  2. it is a shame that non religious Israel women fall for Arab men, but the Israeli tzbur must realize that the Arab men know Hebrew fluently, act extremely nice (much nicer than the Israeli men) and sweet talk the women.

    For an Arab man, it is a feather in his hat to marry a Jewish girl; it shows his peer group that he is really something.

    It is a big problem that is not talked about in the press but many a Israeli girl loves to be treated so nicely by the Arab man; it is only after they marry that it hits them what they have done and then it is too late.

    This is ongoing problem that should be talked about more in the secular media. There are generally two things that the girls share: one a lousy parent-child relationship and a longing for warmth which the Arab men give them in large doses.