Psychiatrist Arrested for Assisting Chareidim to Evade Military Service


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Police have arrested a psychiatrist, a Jerusalem resident, who allegedly provided chareidim seeking to avoid military service a medical opinion stating they are not mentally competent to serve. The doctor was released by a court on bail and restrictions while the investigation continues against her.

The story began after police arrested the well-known psychiatrist from the Beit HaKerem area after receiving a complaint, which led to learning over the years she sold chareidim medical documentation attesting to their inability to serve, permitting them to obtain a psychiatric discharge. According to a Channel 10 report, chareidim can buy the expert medical opinion for 600 NIS. Police are now questioning chareidim as the investigation moves forward.

According to one askan who works to get draft deferments for chareidim quoted by Kikar Shabbat, “We wondered why police did not arrest her a long time ago. She is known to everyone and has probably already assisted 5,000 talmidei yeshiva.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. it does not take much to convince the IDF that a boy is a wacko. The IDF psychologist must make the final decision. If he has a report from another psychologist or psychiatrist, for him to say the boy is OK is risky.

    If the boy does turn out to be a wacko and does some one harm in the IDF, the army psych will be blamed and his career ruined. So they are afraid to give an honest evaluation.

    It is sort like of using psychology against the psychiatrists.