NJ Jewish Business Alliance honors United Airlines, Congressman Gottheimer at 5th Annual Luncheon


Newark, NJ – The North Jersey Jewish Business Alliance (NJJBA), hosted its fifth annual legislative and business luncheon at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, New Jersey.

After a bustling networking session, the program commenced with an introduction by Ezra Friedlander, Master of Ceremonies, as well as opening remarks by Miles Berger, the Host and Chairman of the Board.


David Rosenberg, Founder and Executive Director of the NJJBA, thanked and recognized the presence of the esteemed crowd. Reflecting on the Alliance’s growth in 5 short years, Rosenberg reiterated to its members that “We look forward working with you and our elected officials in strengthening economic development and business growth”.


Since its inception in 2015, NJJBA’s goal has been to ensure that Northern Jersey is recognized as an exceptional place to live, work, and visit for the Jewish individual. Celebrating its fifth annual legislative & business luncheon, the Alliance has worked hard to assist businesses in their decision-making process, and to connect them with other business executives, as well as distinguished and influential New Jersey officials and legislative leaders.


The Leadership in Excellence Award was presented to honoree Congressman Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5), who was introduced by NJJBA Board Member Phil Goldschmiedt, President/CEO of Poly-Version. “As a member of the Jewish community and someone who spent much of my career in the private sector, I am always proud to stand with you all as we must all work together to help create jobs and develop North Jersey’s economy and our businesses of all sizes.” Said the Congressman. “I think what’s really important is understanding what we must do in the coming years to stay on top as a community, not just as the Jewish community but as an American community as a NJ Community.” He expanded.


United Airlines was the recipient of the Corporate Excellence Award. While accepting the award, Jill Kaplan, President for NY/NJ at United, described United’s investment in the region and how it is enhancing its kosher inflight offering. She concluded by pointing out that “We all benefit from the guidance and from being involved in the Alliance.” Introducing Ms. Kaplan was Andrew Gross, Executive director of the NJ-Israel Commission, who spoke about the importance of the bilateral NJ-Israel trade and how United Airlines has demonstrated the business value of flying Newark to Tel Aviv direct.

Maksim Sheyn, Senior VP/Market Manager for Investors Bank and a NJJBA board member, took the stage to introduce the Keynote Speaker Joseph Kelley, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor. Kelley thanked the Alliance and its host Miles Berger and spoke about Governor Murphy’s economic plan and initiatives for business growth. He detailed specific tax incentives the governor is hoping to implement. “We think by focusing on our communities, by focusing on the assets we currently have…to make sure our corporate tenants are helping to grow small business and simultaneously working to reinvest in the communities and the state, we can help New Jersey reclaim its rightful spot as the number one innovation state in the county” Kelley clarified.

Assemblyman Clinton Calabrese who gave remarks, explained that since he works full time in a private real estate business, he understands the community’s needs firsthand. “I’m doing everything I can at the state level to excel private sector growth” he stated.


The fifth consecutive legislative and business luncheon establishes continued success and growth for the Alliance and for the state of New Jersey as well. With top business executives, distinguished officials and legislative leaders working together, we hope to experience unparalleled business expansion in the region.


For more information please contact: Info@njjba.com

Photo and Video Credit: Lenchevsky Images