Israel: Chabad Bochurim Returning From 770 Transferred Directly To “Coronavirus Hotel”


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Israel’s Health Ministry made a decision on Wednesday to transfer any Israeli citizens arriving in Israel from the Lubavitch headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway directly to a “coronavirus hotel” from the airport. They will not be allowed to quarantine at home due to the severe outbreak of the coronavirus in Crown Heights and instead are being viewed as being ill with the coronavirus until proven otherwise.

About 75 Lubavitch chassidim who arrived from Crown Heights on Thursday were transported to the “coronavirus” Dan Hotel in the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The bochurim each received their own rooms and are being tested for the virus. The Health Ministry will decide in the next day or two whether those who test negative for the virus will nevertheless remain quarantined in the hotel for two weeks or will be transferred to their homes to self-quarantine there.

The Home Front Command, the hotel administration, the hotel mashgiach kashrus and Chabad rabbanim are making efforts to ensure that the bochurim receive food according to Chabad kashrus standards. Meanwhile, the bochurim were provided with bread and cheese for breakfast on Thursday with appropriate hechsherim.

The Health Ministry held an assessment on Wednesday with Chabad rabbanim in Israel and Crown Heights, the Crown Heights Beis Din and the hanhala of the yeshivah in 770 before making its decision.

Several dozen patients are currently in the “coronavirus hotel” in the Dan Panorama hotel in Tel Aviv. One patient there told Channel 12 News that each patient received a kit upon arrival with tools to check temperature, blood oxygen level and pulse.

“The nurse calls twice a day and I give her my readings,” the patient said. “I really do feel we are in good hands and they’re doing everything for us.”

“They prepare our meals in bags. Every person takes a bag to their room and eats there.”

The 770 Chabad headquarters was closed for the first time in history on Tuesday night.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)