Beit Shemesh Mother of 9 Passes Away From the Coronavirus


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Mazel Dalel, 53, a Beit Shemesh mother of 9 with no preexisting medical conditions passed away from the coronavirus on Shabbos.

Dalel, a resident of the Kiryah HaChareidit in Beit Shemesh was hospitalized in Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem after contracting the coronavirus.

The hospital stated that “she was attached to a ventilator and sedated for over a week in serious condition. Her condition quickly deteriorated and she passed away on Shabbos. We share in the sorrow of the family.”

The nifteres left behind her husband R’ Yoel Dalel and nine children.

“It’s an unfathomable tragedy,” one of Dalel’s neighbors told Kikar H’Shabbos. “She left behind nine young orphans and her husband, one of the chashuve avreichim in the city, Rav Yoel.

“There’s no one who doesn’t know this wonderful family, who has lived in Kiryah Hachareidit since it was founded. She worked in the Magen Halev school as an assistant in the morning and as a pre-school teacher in the afterschool program, where she devotedly took care of special needs children.”

ZAKA and Ezras Achim Beit Shemesh took care of the arrangements for the levaya  and the organizations are also tending to the needs of the family at this difficult time.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)