Turkish Media Publish Photos: “One Of The Israelis Burst Into Tears”

One of the Iranian cell members in the hotel where Israelis were staying. (Turkish media)

Photos of two members of the Iranian cell who tried to assassinate Israelis on Turkish soil in recent weeks were published by Turkish media on Sunday evening.

The reports also revealed new details of the saga. As part of the investigation, hotel employees were interviewed by Turkish intelligence officials.

The Israelis who arrived at the hotel where the Iranian assassins were staying made their reservation under the alias “the Chinese group.” One of the hotel employees said that when the Israelis arrived and saw the Iranians in the hotel lobby, they became agitated. Ofek, one of the Israelis, burst into tears, saying that he received a phone call informing him that Iranians were planning to murder him. The hotel employees reassured him and the other Israelis, saying: “Don’t worry, this is Turkey, they won’t harm you in any way.”

Later, several other individuals arrived at the hotel in a Mercedes minivan and also reassured the Israelis.

One of the Iranian cell members in the hotel where Israelis were staying. (Turkish media)

Istanbul police arrested eight Iranian suspects in an operation on June 16 and seized three pistols, three silencers, and two laser sights.

Weapons and ammunition seized from Iranian cell members by Turkish police. (Turkish media)

Previous reports in Turkish media revealed that a nine-person elimination team was sent from Iran to kill three Israeli women and another Iranian cell was preparing to abduct and kill former Israeli diplomat Yossi Levi-Sfari.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)