Tragedy In Poland: Chareidi Girl Passes Away On Kivrei Tzaddikim Trip


A terrible tragedy occurred on Tuesday morning with the passing away of a 21-year-old Israeli girl in Poland while on a trip to visit kever tzaddikim.

Esther Feiga Nechama Hess, a’h, who was part of the kehilla of the Biala chassidus in Haifa, left on an organized tour to Poland two weeks ago. After spending the first Shabbos in Lizhensk a week and a half ago, she developed a severe headache on Motzei Shabbos. An hour later, she lost consciousness and was brought to a local hospital, where doctors discovered that she had suffered a severe brain hemorrhage.

Her parents flew to Poland to be by her bedside. Unfortunately, her condition remained critical until her petirah.

Askanaim are working on bringing the nifteres to Israel as soon as possible for the levaya.

Yehi Zichra Baruch.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. We are statistically seeing a lot SADS cases in younger people with VITT and brain aneurysms. Something obviously happened in the last year and a half that crossed the blood-brain barrier.

  2. Was she vaccinated. Cuz according to Pfizer documents it causes heart inflamation. Healthy teenagers don’t just drop dead for no reason.

  3. Raboisei. There is an Almighty G-d orchestrating everything in this world. You may say it was this or that or the other, but just know that her time was up. That’s what Hashem wanted. If we are seeing a lot of sad cases it’s for us to take it to heart and do teshuva! Nothing happens for no reason. Possibly it’s machlokos in the Community or some other reason. But we must take it to heart and act on it. Take something on leilui nishmoso. May there be sholom al yisroel!

  4. How come nobody uses this type of an episode anymore to question whether use of cell phones is having an effect on our brains……… and that is bechira.

  5. @ Religious Educated
    The Pfizer vaccine might be associated with heart inflammation but that is not related to brain bleeds. I wonder weather in the rush and tummelt of travel there might have been trauma to the head. bumping your head standing up in a window seat on a plane could do it.

  6. Its getting more conspiratorial around here daily. While more common in older individuals, younger men and women suffered cerebral hemorrhages (a type of stroke) long before cell phones, Covid vaccines etc. There are a wide range of causes including various forms of head trauma, caused by a fall, sports accident or other type of blow to the head that may have been incurred weeks or months prior to the actual stroke. In some cases, the hemorrhages was linked to high blood pressure which can damage the blood vessel walls and cause the blood vessel to leak or burst. Other medically known causes include buildup of fatty deposits in the arteries (atherosclerosis). Bottom line: The article doesn’t address ANY of these possible KNOWN causal factors (for obvious reasons of privacy) so immediately jumping to speculation on UNPROVEN causal factors is really disrespectful to the niftares.