IDF Cancels Wide-Scale Military Operation In Jenin

Illustrative. IDF forces prepare to enter Palestinian city. (IDF spokesperson)

Following last week’s return of the body of Tiran Fero, the Druze-Israeli teen who was abducted by Islamic Jihad terrorists, the IDF canceled their plans for a military operation in Jenin.

Israel’s security establishment began planning a wide-scale arrest operation on Wednesday as talks for the return of the body stalled. The plan, which was approved by senior IDF commanders, remained in place even after the return of Fero’s body in the early hour of Thursday morning. However, on Thursday evening, IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi canceled a final meeting on the operation and decided to revoke the operation altogether, Kan News reported.

According to a Walla News report, Israel’s demand for the return of Fero’s body turned into an extensive international effort, with the countries of Qatar, Jordan and Egypt becoming involved in the negotiations, as well as UN Middle East Envoy Tor Wennesland, who appealed to Islamic Jihad leaders in Damascus.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Nothing good ever came out of any IDF soldier/slave stepping foot into Jenin for a military operation. Just let them be, and maybe the regime would have less Arabs targeting its soldier/slaves. I wish I could visit Jenin. I don’t fear the Arabs. I fear the God-forsaken regime then relating to me like a terrorist and having me systematically harassed and driven out of Yisroel. What a cursed regime. May it end soon.

  2. @Schmendrick-

    The Arizal says that a person’s name embodies their persona and identity (שם/נשמה). Looking at your username —and looking at mine as well— I realize that Arizal was 100% accurate.

    Your post does nothing but breed sinas chinam. Your post won’t change the government, it’s history, or its policies.

    It won’t change the fact that the government Israel is the single largest sponsor of Limud HaTorah in the world.

    It won’t change the fact that post-establishment, Jews FINALLY have a place to call home, no matter what. #RightOfReturn #PelehPelaim #IkvisaDmoshicha


    It won’t change the fact that our ancestors are turning in their kevarim, wondering, why so many Jews still aren’t living in Eretz Yisroel, when it has NEVER been easier (or safer for that matter) to live there.

    No country is perfect. It won’t be until Moshiach finally comes. But stop spewing hatred. You’re not helping.

    I love you, but I am disheartened your comment, and I apologize if this comes across as insensitive.

  3. I am considering suing the Israeli government and certain other individuals employed by that regime from the United States for torture (18 U.S. Code § 2340A). This is not sinus chinam. The people who tortured me have continued to torture others there. If you side with those that tortured me, that makes you my enemy, and I honestly hope you vaxed out to the max.

  4. Google “A study of torture and inhumane treatment in Al-Mascobiyeh” and read the PDF. They literally torture Jews in the Russian Compound and in several other institutions closed to public or international oversight. The regime is absolutely rotten, and anyone who voluntarily defends it gets cursed in the heaviest of terms by myself at least three times daily with very strong kavanah, and I know I’m not the only one. You have no excuse for ignorance to this at this point. The information is available. There is no forgiveness for what they do to people. None. This is not over until that regime and everyone who allowed this horrible stuff to happen has been dealt what they deserve. Anyone who voluntarily defends the regime is cursed. Period. Only someone under coercion have an excuse to defend that regime, and even they ought to consider very strongly the option to refuse their orders, even if it means imprisonment. The whole regime is a prison.

  5. @Mods- Please note @Schmendrick’s explicit threat towards me: “If you side with those that tortured me, that makes you my enemy, and I honestly hope you vaxed out to the max.”

    You clearly have been through a lot.

    I wish you luck in dealing with all of your personal trauma.

    All I can say is that if this is how you deal with your personal issues, cursing the world, then I ask you from the bottom of my heart to get help: See a doctor or a psychologist. If not for me, do it for your family, they are dealing with this first hand. You aren’t in my v’lamalshinim, you are in my re’faeinu. You need help. Life is too short to be so angry and aggravated all day.

    Nothing is perfect, but your worldview is incredibly skewed. Millions of Jews (and non-Jews!) are living happy and meaningful lives in our holy land. Will there be exceptions, sure. Is it perfect, no. Is it better then the beheadings and actual human rights violations happening in all of Israel’s neighboring countries- 100000%.

    P.S. Research conducted by people connected with terror organizations have zero relevance in my book.
    P.P.S. Please don’t threaten people with physical violence. Frankly, it’s immature and distasteful.

  6. I threatened you? Manipulative guy, no, I did not threaten you. You probably harmed yourself vaxing out because you thought the regime had your best interest in mind and followed their “health” advice, when they obviously don’t care about your welfare. That is the fate for all of you who trusted the regime, you’re now clogging up. Good luck with that. And, quite frankly, the world will be better off when you’re all clogged up. You all are in my v’lamalshinim. I didn’t write the liturgy, but the regime that has Yiddin tortured usually for just attempting mitzvos in Yisroel, obviously the liturgy relates to that in v’lamalshinim. I am not sick. I am very healthy. If I saw myself as sick, that would be sickness, like Stockholm syndrome. I would have absolutely no self-respect if I did not identify my enemies for what they are. I do not go in the ways of goyim and seek out “medical help”. For the record, they also torture people in psychiatric institutions in Yisroel under the guise of “helping” them. They have lobotomized a lot of healthy Yiddin who were political dissidents there. They have Soviet-trained physicians doing this on closed facilities in Yisroel like they did to “sluggish schizophrenics” in the Soviet Union before it collapsed. The regime in Yisroel took in quite a large number of these expert torturers with the fall of the Soviet Union, those who fled Russia for fear they’d be prosecuted for their crimes torturing political dissidents. It was kind of like Operation Paperclip, when Amerika took in a bunch of Nazi doctors to continue their work under the CIA. That’s the regime you support. Lots of brains have been lobotomized there to “help” people.

    PS, the reason that organization was called a “terrorist organization” was because they documented the torture of Arabs that the regime labeled “terrorists”. That organization has done a better job than any documenting torture in Yisroel. You discount that torture? Fine, enemy.

    PPS, the fact that you could try to claim I physically threatened you is an obvious indication of the fact that you are manipulative and intellectually dishonest. I don’t want to have anything to do with you, not to share anything under the sun with you. YOu’re probably shedding spike proteins and lipid nanoparticles on your surroundings, like a real mazik. Keep your ideas to yourself, and I hope to God I never cross paths with you or those like you. If I had to guess, the regime pays you to do your pathetic work attempt at hasbarah, literally supporting torturers. People are waking up and see past this stupid contrived narrative the regime pushes with manipulative authoritarian tactics. You can’t win an argument on merits, so twist words and result to slander per se and goyish ad hominem attacks (claiming the person arguing must be mentally ill). It wasn’t worth my time responding to you. Just keep getting your boosters, guy, do the world a favor.