NO LIMITS: Boston Police Arrest Leftist For Attacking Nir Barkat In Hotel


After left-wing Israeli protesters shamelessly accosted Israeli ministers in Manhattan, Econmy Minister Nir Barkat was heckled by protesters in Boston on Thursday, and one protester who tried to physically accost him was arrested by the Boston Police.

In a video of the incident, the protesters can be heard yelling their customary chant: “Bushah, bushah, bushah,” following after Barkat in his hotel.

One of the protesters even pushed through the guards in an effort to reach Barkat. Barkat’s security guards attacked him in response. The protester was later arrested by the Boston Police.

Barkat later wrote on Twitter: “A political murder is a matter of time in the State of Israel. Under the auspices of the protest, there are those who aim to spill the blood of elected officials. We’re on a slippery and dangerous slope. I thank the security guards who repelled the attacker and prevented me from being harmed. Violence is the erosion of the foundation of democracy.”

This is not the first or the second time that Barkat has been targeted by left-wing protesters but it’s the first time it happened in the US.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. As Jen Psaki and Joe Biden have sanctimoniously lectured us here in the US, the left is the party of civility. Same for Israel, and especially those ugly white Karens in the video.

  2. Can someone please explain the issue here?
    In the defense of democracy, someone wanted to peacefully harm a government official. So tell me again what right the security people have to prevent someone to peacefully physically harm a government official?

  3. Just out of concern for security – those protestors should not be anywhere close to any official. What is to stop a terrorist from mingling with the crowd. Olam Hafuch Raiti – I see an upside down world – where people accost a person and yell shame at him – when they are the ones who should be embarressed.

  4. The double standard is unbelievable. In the US and Israel the left could do anything impunity while anything the right does to defend its values is off limits.

  5. “Friends, please go downstairs to the Starbucks.”
    This was an organized incident. Probably sponsored by some leftwing NGO.

  6. Left , center, right are all still Yidden. Who needs Nazis & Arabs with all the self hate. Can’t Jews tolerate each other at all???