THANK YOU BIBI: Who Arranged Signs Of Support For Netanyahu In Times Square?

Moti Kastel/Twitter

Huge signs of support for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu were erected in Times Square in Manhattan on Thursday morning, ahead of his speech at the UN General Assembly on Thursday evening.

The signs say: “Thank You Bibi – The Jewish People Support You.”

The signs are the initiative of Jews from the Jewish kehilla in New York who wished to show support to Netanyahu following the leftist protests against him held by Israelis in the US, who crossed all red lines by projecting a message on the UN building  – “Don’t Believe Crime Minister Netanyahu” – as well as an image of Netanyahu as a jailbird on the wall of the famous Alcatraz prison in San Francisco with the words “Welcome Bibi.”

Davidi Crombie, the younger brother of Berale Crombie, chairman of Takuma 2023, which has led the judicial reform support campaign in Israel for the past six months, mobilized Jews for the campaign in New York.

“I had a dream,” Berale Crombie wrote on Twitter. “In the face of BDS and Breaking the Silence protests, the prime minister of Israel will receive the honor he deserves in New York’s Times Square ahead of his speech at the UN General Assembly. This morning it is happening in New York thanks to good people. Long live the State of Israel!”

Moti Kastel/Twitter

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)