Belzer Rebbe: We Don’t Need the State or Government


belzThe recent bills passed into law by the coalition government pertaining to the future of Yiddishkheit in Israel have elicited some harsh reactions from chareidi lawmakers, most prominently the new draft bill.

In the framework of his divrei Torah to thousands of chareidim during the seudas shlishis tisch, the Belzer Rebbe Shlita addressed matters of religion and state. The rebbe explained how despite its relatively small size, Am Yisrael is the Chosen Nation in HKBH’s eyes, the people that HKBH selected to give his Torah HaKadosha.

“Even among the five million Jews in Israel” stated the rebbe, “there is a minority of 500,000 bnei Torah and shomrei mitzvos. They are the essence of Israel. HKBH selected Am yisrael because you are the smallest of all nations. So the observant minority of those learning Torah are HKBH’s army”.

“We don’t need the state or the government. We need batei medrashim and yeshivos to continue avodas Hashem and to educate the children in the derech of avodas Hashem and the responsibility of a life of Torah and kiyum mitzvos and anxiously awaiting the redemption by Moshiach”.

“Yehi Ratzon in the merit of Rav Elimelech of Lizhensk, whose yahrzeit is today, that Am Yisrael and lomdei Torah should be protected from all enemies that persecute Jews and the Torah. They should not succeed in their efforts to disrupt limud Torah and observance of Torah until Moshiach arrives and may we merit the arrival of Moshiach speedily in our days” the rebbe concluded.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. A Hiddush, well maybe for Belz. I suspect many hareidim had been cooperating with the government out of a desire for peaceful relations with the zionists (we didn’t publicly challenge them or threaten them, they didn’t ask us to fight in their war or didn’t object to a frum community and threw in some spending money), which the zionists misunderstood as being both support, and agreement with their theology (i.e. that conquering the Arabs and ruling Eretz Yisrael an important, and perhaps the most important, mitsvah).

  2. Hmmm, how much money does Belz get from the government? I am not even talking about things like garbage disposal and water which the government provides because that can be provided by any government, I mean the money that allows them to function. Even if it was reduced there is still money flowing from the israeli government. As long as they take money this statement is ridiculous.

  3. With all due respect, the Belz are headed down the same misguided path as the Satmer. In today’s times, we need the government of EY and the medinah more than ever. If these Chareidi extremists really believe they could continue their lifestyle in EY governed by the Palestinians, their rabbonim obviously are leading the tzibur over the cliff.

  4. “….We don’t need the state or the government. We need batei medrashim and yeshivos to continue avodas Hashem and to educate the children in the derech of avodas Hashem and the responsibility of a life of Torah and kiyum mitzvos and anxiously awaiting the redemption by Moshiach…”.
    Sounds eerily familiar.
    Meraglim to Am Yiroel in the midbar some 3,000 years ago…. ” Stay here, we don’t need a Jewish state. Be mekayim the Mitzvos here.. Why do you need a Jewish state and government?”

  5. with all due respect to the belzer rebbe. maybe in his tzidkus he can live above the teva, but for the overwhelming majority of us who are not on his level we live within the teva. we are no longer living in pre 1948 but we have to live with the realities of today. if there is no israeli government what then is the alternative? do you think the batei midrashim will survive with arabs or iranians or maybe the UN running the government? i for one dont see an alternative. as an aside who did the satmar rebbe z’tl root for in 1967 or 1973? was it for the arabs to win and no jews to be killed? (pretty much a psik reshei)

  6. You don’t need a state nor government, do you?
    Tell us how who will provide piping to your toilets, and protection from the Arab enemies who love you so much?

  7. Wow**** Such hakorat hatov! Didn’t the Belzer Rabbi escape from the Germans via Hungary to find safe haven in the very state which you are rejecting??
    Of course, I expect the usual revisionists to deny this historical fact, but who cares? It won’t be the first time.

  8. Jewishreason,
    On the other hand, if he succeeds in covering mosdos and kollel without the bennet/lapid funds, then the sewer/water (which everybody pays for) etc would turn the tables. The state will become the parasites. Let the truth be told. There was never any unbiased study done on the haredi budgets. There was never a balance sheet done on the money brought in to israel via shluchim nor via business people or the ppl that come for the chagim.

    This means that “parasites” might very likely be the state. These people shnor for their 10 kids more than half a million dollars bet. Marrying off their kids, buying them houses and stam shnorring for other honest tzedakah.

    Soo haredis are right. This is lehashkicham toratecha! They say vchol zeh eineni shove li bchol et asher ani roeh et morchai hayehudi. Mordechai wasn’t the issue. Its hayehudi haman saw that killed all his appreciation and happiness with all the riches he had, with all the kavod. It was hayehudi he couldn’t face. Just like bennet lapid.

  9. The Rebbe does not have to be reminded that we are not permitted to rely on nissim, miracles. It is the State and the Army that have protected Klal Yisrael by the grace of Hashem; and undoubtedly in the merit of Torah scholarship. Rather than deny this very obvious fact, why don’t the Gedolim figure out some way to come to terms with the reality of life in Israel, a nation surrounded by enemies in need of a vigilant army with everyone’s participation?

  10. I just want to point out the rebbe’s stats aren’t quite accurate.

    There are about 6.1 million Jews in Israel, not 5 million, and about 1.5 million of them are Torah-observant, not 500,000.

  11. Gadolhadorah: With all due respect, the Belzer is admitting that he has been mistaken, and that the Satmar path is the right path. Events have vindicated Satmar. The fact that the “Modern orthodox” are leading the attacks on the bnei Torah and actively trying to wipe out the Torah-based lifestyle of the Israeli hareidim, proves that Satmar was right all along. Belz used to collaborate with the zionists – they went along with the zionists, took some money, supported the medinah. They, along with many in the three frum parties that participate in Israeli politics, are realizing they made a horrible state in collaborating with the zionists.

  12. 11 – please get the facts straight before you start your accusations

    The Belze Rov Z”L fled to Eretz Yisroel which was a safe haven under the rule of the BRITISH at that time – should he have Hakoros Hatov to the Zionist, who after he already landed in a (almost) safe place started a war again for their own interests??

  13. From where will come the money for all this, again from חוץ לארץ. We will have even more משלוחים at the davenen.

  14. “…started a war again for their own interests..”
    Either you OD’d on Al Hagula V’al Hatmurah or you’re on Muslim sites all day, otherwise you wouldn’t post a lie like that.The British didn’t rule there. Get your facts straight. They had a Mandate… Big difference… Only you wouldn’t know it because you don’t want to know it.

  15. to rottowa – the rebbe’s numbers are quite accurate. you see when we grew up we were led to believe that orthodox jews were those who are shomer shabbos and keep kashrus. apparently the rebbe uses a different standard. you also have to be anti the state – then you are frum. by using this standard his number of 500,000 is much more inline with this reality.

  16. “The Zionists”?? SHAME ON YOU ALL for such loshon! As long as people see Am Yisrael divided as such, then it will be. Those of you with little understanding of Torah will tell me it is “The Zionists” who are the ones causing the division, ask yourself which sons sit at the Seder table? ALL OF THEM! Those of you with so little emunah in Hashem ask yourselves how it is possible for Am Yisrael to have malchut over Eretz Yisrael without Hashem’s granting it so! I am disgusted by some of the comments here – no wonder Moshiach hasn’t come.

  17. From the comments here one would think this was a Mizrachi site, not “Yeshiva World”. This is the hashkafa we’ve heard from all gedolim associated with Agudas Yisroel, since the state was founded and before. The only difference between them and Satmar is the difference between pragmatism and idealism. There’s nothing new here!