cRc: Top Ten Questions for Pesach 5774


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crcQ : Does coconut oil require a hechsher for Pesach?
A: If being used with food, coconut oil requires a hechsher for Pesach. If the coconut oil is being used as a hand cream, it does not need Pesach certification

Q: What is the cRc’s policy about frozen fruit for Pesach?
A: Frozen fruit is acceptable for Pesach without Pesach certification if it is not sweetened or cooked, and does not contain sensitive additives such as citric acid or ascorbic acid.

Q: Does the cRc have a list of mouthwashes that are approved for Pesach?
A: The cRc only recommends mouthwash that has a proper Pesach certification.

Q: Do shelled walnuts require Pesach certification?
A: In general, whole or chopped nuts are acceptable without Pesach certification whether in or out of the shell, except if they are (a) blanched or roasted (all varieties), (b) finely ground into a powder, such as almond flour, (c) contain BHT or BHA, (d) shelled pecans (all varieties), or (e) peanuts (which are kitnios).

Q: Do raisins require Pesach certification?
A: In general, all dried fruits require Pesach certification.

Q: Does fresh salmon require Pesach certification?
A: Fresh salmon may be purchased even without Pesach certification. However, since salmon is only caught at certain times of the year, most fresh salmon available now was at one point frozen with the possibility of a sugar or corn syrup glaze, and therefore the salmon should be rinsed off prior to use. For more information about fish for Pesach, see THIS.

Q: Which toothpastes are acceptable for Pesach?
A: The cRc only recommends purchasing toothpaste is Pesach certification. This year, we were informed by the OU that Toms of Maine Whole Care Peppermint and Spearmint are acceptable for Pesach when bearing the plain OU symbol.

Q: Can almond milk be used on Pesach?
A: It is preferable to purchase almond milk with special Pesach certification. If not available, almond milks without special Pesach certification that are recommended for Pesach are only recommended for children and those who are ill, as they may contain kitniyos. They should only be used after consulting with one’s Rabbi.

Q: Does the cRc have any guidelines for purchasing dish soap?
A: Dish soap does not require Pesach certification.

Q: I saw in your guide that unflavored plain ground coffee does not need Pesach certification. I also saw that the cRc requires K-Cups to have Pesach certification. Isn’t just plain ground coffee put into the K-Cup?
A: In order for the coffee in the K-Cup to brew more quickly, the coffee grounds are moistened and dried in a process called agglomeration. This leads to a concern that chametz equipment was used. Additionally, starch can be added to the coffee during this process. Because of these concerns, the cRc only recommends K-Cups that have been certified for Pesach. The cRc was informed by the OU that Green Mountain brand unflavored regular (not decaf) K-Cups bearing the plain OU do not require Pesach certification.

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