Eida Gavaad: Chilul Shabbos to Prevent Induction into the IDF


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gavadIn a report contained in the weekly BaKehilla, the Belz-affiliated news magazine reports on Eida Chareidis Gavaad HaGaon HaRav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss Shlita speaking of the prohibition of bnei yeshivos entering into the IDF, citing the need to defy all such efforts at any cost. The gavaad is quoted instructing talmidim and avreichim to prepare themselves for the battle as they continue their limud Torah. The gavaad stresses that the bnei yeshivos will be imprisoned if need be put entering into the IDF is never an option.

The gavaad states that in Shulchan Aruch we learn…

הרי דין מפורש בשולחן ערוך כי שבויה מותר לחלל עליה את השבת, ואין הבדל בדבר אם מדובר ברשעים או פושעים ששבו אותה. כל שכן בנידון דידן, כשאר שילטון הרשע ופשע מבקש לפגוע בנשמות אפנו על חדח כפיית בחורי ישראל להתייציב לגיוס צריל לפעול בכל המאמצים נגד זה, גם תוך חילול שבת.

The gavaad then went on to tell a story related to by him two rabbonim, with the latter explaining decades ago when they were young. It was a time the Jewish Agency went to Morocco to “trap souls and they were successful in capturing many”. HaGaon HaRav Moshe Schneider ZT”L sent his son-in-law to live in Morocco to counter those efforts. He saved dozens of souls they reported, adding they are among the children the Jewish Agency did not get. He explains how a vehicle was dispatched on Shabbos to save neshomos.

The gavaad spoke of the “painful situation that exists today”, adding “one may be mechalel Shabbos to avoid induction into the IDF and in this case there is no difference between group or Ashkenazim or Sephardim, chossid or yeshivish.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. B”H for out Gedolei Yisroel such as the Gavaad to lead us. A Shas Shmad requires pikuach nefesh. Trying to take away our souls is worse than losing our lives.

  2. Gee an anti isreal fanatic stating that you can be over shabbos. Wonder how much finances to these institution we are talking about
    There are more and more frummies joining the army every day they are getting salaries not hand outs training and education so they can support there families

  3. SINCE both sides are still wearing the “battle gear” of the past there is no room for discussion or understanding.

  4. I wonder if there was a YWN news item on the theory of relativity if we would have so many experts in the field posting. At the end of time the wellsprings of penimiyus ha’Torah will burst open. I believe it was Rav A. Y. HaKohein Kook z”l who said the chutzpah yasgei is that all will believe they have a right to know and understand.

  5. hmmm it seems that there is another commandment that I dont have. apparently there is really an eleventh commandment that says israel is evil and there is death through bais din for serving it. I know we have that for shabbos, I guess if this is more strict than keeping shabbos. I mean its not like a mumar for shabbos is a mumar for everything else, oh wait it is.
    maybe you can kill and steal also to avoid serving in the army

  6. m.o. practial how mnay hours a day you spend learning and how mnay does the gaa’vad, like your opinion carries any weight in the face of his. you probably dont learn even a fraction of the time he spends learning you know why because you believe its more valuable to be a professional than to be a talmid chochom. go post your shtusim on vinnews.

  7. M.o.practical. and kollel faker.

    Please post your credentials or at least background so that we can appreciate your statements as something more than just another anti-gaavad etc litvish or something else.

    Even if only any precedent halacha backing your statement.

  8. joe shmoe, while I disapprove of parts of M.o.practical and kollel faker’s comments, I strongly condemn your slandering the Lituanian Torah community. Let me inform you that now you’ve got to beg forgiveness from every Litvak on earth.

  9. In blunt terms (note that gedolim use “indirect” speech), he is putting refusing to serve in the IDF on the level of pikuach nefesh, and on the level of the prohibitions of spilling blood, serving idols and engaging in sexual misconduct. These are thinks that would even allow violence to be used. His statement is a clear threat that the attempts to break the hareidi community will be resisted at a level that probably will cause the zionists to back down. In colloquial English, I would translate his statement as “by any means necessary”.

    The Israeli government (Netanyahu, Bennett, Lapid and their associates) have made it clear they are holding that Eretz Yisrael isn’t big enough for both zionists and hareidim, and one has to go. The time is running out for moderates (groups such as Shas and Yahadut ha-Torah, some of the more religious zionists) to avoid a confrontation that could prove fatal to both sides.

  10. i am not sure why credentials mean anything. i have pesukim that tell me shabbos is very stringent and you die for violating it. the gemara says that a mumar for shabbos is a mumar for the entire torah. you need to prove to me that serving the israeli government is just as chomer.
    I respect rav weiss as a tremendous talmid chacham but to make such a statement, with out showing REAL LIFE cases that cause the halacha to be like this, is irresponsible.

  11. ‘Gee an anti isreal fanatic stating that you can be over shabbos.’
    ‘apparently there is really an eleventh commandment that says israel is evil and there is death through bais din for serving it.’

    This is not a forum to bash our Gedolim. Whether you hold of the Raavad’s shitos or not, it is not for us simple mortals to pretend we know better than him.
    Actually, they are acting in Israel’s best interests. While I have the ultimate respect for those who serve in the army and put their lives on the line, all their work is useless without the spiritual power that limmud Hatorah generates. Aside from physical hishtadlus, THAT is the ultimate protection. And that is the point which Lapid and others like him in the Knesset just don’t get. The gedolim feel that army service for a bochur is spiritual suicide, and that it spells sakonas nefashos not only for him, but for all of Klal Yisroel who are protected by his limmud hatorah.
    Please think twice before bashing Talmidei Chachomim on YWN.

  12. I think Rav Weiss must have really meant to quote the Rambam, where he writes that army service is what is doche Shabbos:

    רמב”ם הל’ שבת פ”ב הכ”ג

    ובכל מקום אם באו על עסקי נפשות או שערכו מלחמה או שצרו סתם יוצאין עליהן בכלי זיין ומחללין עליהן את השבת, ומצוה על כל ישראל שיכולין לבוא לצאת ולעזור לאחיהם שבמצור ולהצילם מיד הגוים בשבת, ואסור להן להתמהמה למוצאי שבת