Gafne Wants Chareidi Hating IDF Officer Dismissed from the Military


gafniDefense Ministry Director-General Dan Harel promises to look into the future employment of Lt.-Colonel Nurit Laami, who said “I hate chareidim. i wish they would all die”. Harel made his statement during a session of the State Audit Committee chaired by Shas MK Amnon Cohen. The committee was reviewing a state comptroller report dealing with the Ministry of Defense.

MK Moshe Gafne stated there are officers in the IDF and staff in Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) that are engaged in incitement against the chareidi tzibur. He referred to Laami, whose statement was recorded. Not only wasn’t she ousted, she received a position with additional responsibility. Gafne is demanding that she is ousted from the military. He cited a number of examples, including one officer who was sent to military jail for calling a member of the Ethiopian community the “N” word. He added a police officer who used a derogatory term against an Arab was dismissed from the force and here, she is promoted.

Gafne also cited a more recent example, on the eve of Independence Day, when the IDF station aired a comment made that “A segment of the population needs to be diluted”, referring to the chareidim. It should be pointed out that station officials immediately ejected the person from the broadcast studio and a proper apology was aired.

Committee Chairman Cohen echoed Gafne’s words and pointed out the IDF is supposed to be a people’s army and the hate towards chareidim should not be tolerated.

Harel explained he was not familiar with the cases cited but promised to investigate and get back to the committee with a response.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The officer called the ethiopian a “kushi katan” not the “N” word. And in reference to the arab, the officer was talking about a protest in Um el-Fakhm where there were1500 “arabushim”. Check out the video of gafni in the knesset.

  2. It is the policy of the State of Israel to integrate Arabs as well as the Ethiopians (and other non-Ashkenazi Jews). Therefore one should expect that a public official who is “not with the program” will be dismissed.

    It is not the policy of the State of Israel to integrate hareidim. On the contrary, since the beginings of the zionist movement over a century ago, the policy has been to surpress the hareidim and coerce (the Israelis would say “enlighten”) them into becoming mainstream secular Israelis. Why would an army officer who is actively supporting that policy be punished?

  3. Akuperma:
    With all due respect, sefaradim are chareidim. The zionist regime did enough (and hasnt stopped) to secularize them.