US Condemns ‘Heinous Murder’ Of Palestinian Teen


obaThe Obama administration is condemning the killing of a Palestinian teenager as a “despicable act” and is calling on the perpetrators to be brought to justice.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the United States “condemns in the strongest possible terms” the death of 17-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir, which followed the discovery in the West Bank on Monday of the bodies of three abducted Israeli teenagers.

“We hope to swiftly see the guilty parties brought to justice,” Earnest told reporters. “We call on the government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority to take all necessary steps to prevent an atmosphere of revenge and retribution. People who undertake acts of vengeance will only destabilize an already volatile and emotional situation.”

Earnest declined to say whether the U.S. considers the teen’s death an act of revenge for the three Israeli teens, but said the U.S. doesn’t want to see the situation spiral out of control and lead to further violence.

Israeli authorities urged caution, saying the body still had not been identified and the circumstances of the death remained under investigation.

Obama’s national security adviser, Susan Rice, said in a series of posts on Twitter that the U.S. is paying close attention to the investigation. And Secretary of State John Kerry issued a statement calling the killing “sickening” and said “there are no words to convey adequately our condolences to the Palestinian people.”

“The world has too often learned the hard way that violence only leads to more violence and at this tense and dangerous moment, all parties must do everything in their power to protect the innocent and act with reasonableness and restraint, not recrimination and retribution,” Kerry said.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has accused Israeli extremists of killing the teen, whose body was found in a Jerusalem forest.



  1. I wonder if he’ll still be so appalled when the news comes out that the Pali was not killed by any Israeli, but by his fellow arab brethren?

  2. Absolutely amazing. This human animal doesn’t say a word for 18 days about the three jewish boys and soon as a rumor comes out over one palestinian who was killed, he wastes no time condemning the act. Mr. President, why don’t you put your energy in fixing Iraq where you screwed up everything Bush accomplished (after close to a trillion dollars and 5,000 lives), or in Syria where hundreds of thousands of people have been slaughtered or in any other Arab country where you have done everything wrong. As we all knew all along, you intention is to destroy America and Israel exactly how your mentor preached for so many years. How much longer do we have to suffer with you ?????????

  3. Suddenly they all wake up and condemn the murder of this Arab that was likely not even done by israelis! What took so long for them to come with a condemnation when this exact thing happened to 3 israelis, clearly perpetrated by arabs!!?? So sick is the US and its administration

  4. When they find that it’s an arab that did it they should give him the death penalty in show the world how much they value the life of an Arab and punish the one

  5. Let us never forget that eisav is an enemy to Yaakov. For as long as we’ll live in this country, despite being called the “goldene medina”, we will be victims of its hatred and anti-semitism. We’ve become too comfortable and blind to the reality that’s always surrounded us. Enuf said!

  6. Maybe Mr Obama should call for a “beer summit”. He sure was quick to tespond to the death of a fellow Muslim. Shame on you Jews who voted for this sonay Yisrael

  7. We are all thinking the same thing… the act was likely carried out by his own people (people?? more like animals)but after watching this documentary on youtube (PBS Frontline-Israel’s Next War-Documentary)there leaves room for doubt for who did it. I hope no Jew will ever stoop to that low of level (of a subhuman animal terrorist) and cause more harm to our people then good.

  8. Where are the loudmouths from ADL? But i forgot that the gangs in the WH are their buddies. If any Republicans linked Arab terrorists to Hitler (YS) we would hear from Abe Foxman by now.

  9. These “politicians” are filthy dogs. Downright Anti-Semites, not a bit less and they don’t even make an effort to hide it! Where were they for 18 days?! In this case the facts are not yet even known but they have the nerve to condemn “acts of vengeance”?! And the sickest part- all the stupid liberal Jews(not Orthodox) would vote them right back into office today!

  10. What is wrong with you people? The death of an Arab teenager is also terrible and tragic. Obama condemns the murder of our three brothers and condemns this as well. He has not responded wrongly to any of this horrific news. I pray for the final great day when peace is finally graced upon the whole world

  11. “This human animal doesn’t say a word for 18 days about the three jewish boys”

    You are a baldfaced liar. The kidnappings were the night of June 12-13. The kidnappings were discussed at the State Department daily press briefing the very next day and on June 15 Kerry put out this statement:

    “U.S. Condemns Kidnapping of Three Israeli Teenagers

    Press Statement
    John Kerry
    Secretary of State
    Washington, DC
    June 15, 2014

    The United States strongly condemns the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers and calls for their immediate release. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families. We hope for their quick and safe return home. We continue to offer our full support for Israel in its search for the missing teens, and we have encouraged full cooperation between the Israeli and Palestinian security services. We understand that cooperation is ongoing.

    We are still seeking details on the parties responsible for this despicable terrorist act, although many indications point to Hamas’ involvement. As we gather this information, we reiterate our position that Hamas is a terrorist organization known for its attacks on innocent civilians and which has used kidnapping in the past.”

    Obama and Kerry also put out statements condemning the murder of the three Israelis within hours after their bodies were discovered. Here is Kerry’s statement:

    “Deaths of Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaar, and Eyal Yifrach

    Press Statement
    John Kerry
    Secretary of State
    Washington, DC
    June 30, 2014

    The news of the murder of these three Israeli teenagers — Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaar, and Eyal Yifrach — is simply devastating. We all had so much hope that this story would not end this way. As a father, there are no words to express such a horrific loss that shakes all people of conscience. We pray for these three boys and their families, and together we grieve with all the people of Israel. Knowing that Naftali was also an American citizen makes this an especially heavy blow not just to Israel, but to the United States.

    We condemn this despicable terrorist act in the strongest possible terms. The killing of innocent youths is an outrage beyond any understanding or rationale, and the perpetrators must be brought to justice. This is a time for all to work towards that goal without destabilizing the situation.”

    We now see yet another example of how truth is optional for Obamahaters. What is worse is that not bearing false witness is one of the ten commandments yet some Jews have joined in to this! And there is more condemnation of Obama and Kerry than of the actual murderers!!!

  12. No doubt this was a blood libel perpetrated by Arabs , to deflect sympathy & anger over the brutal murder of 3 Jewish boys.
    A great strategy by the Arabs

  13. yeshivish316 while your comment may not aggregate a severe assault, your last line does little to hide your true colors. Yours is a dream of false realities. The falsehood and pretense of a soulless national shall never betray a true peace with its half brother whom knows and lives the truth. Pick up a gemara my brother, and you shall see the truth in its full glory. Do not be ashamed to pronounce your love for our loving father in heaven and denounce the false pretense of “peace” you are looking for. The peace only lies with our holy books and father. With love. A brother who cares

  14. #23, who are you? lbj are the initials of the 36th president of the US, L. B. Johnson. Nevertheless, you introduce yourself as Charlie Hall and inform us to have voted for Obama who was only 12-year old when Johnson died. Are you confused, or worse?

  15. To #15 charliehall:

    Charlie, are you trying to apply for Jay Carney’s position in the WH?

    No matter how much garbage propaganda you you peddle in this forum that you receive from Obama’s talking points, you can not deny the fact that Husein Obama pays $800 million to PA that includes Hammas. Or may be you have no problems with Hammas, that is very possible based on your blind loyalty to Husein Obama and other Jew-haters.