Video of Interest: Hamas Rockets Hits Cow Shed Killing 30 Cows – Viewer Discretion is Advised



  1. PETA will issue a statement tomorrow deploring violence that kills innocent cattle and will urge both sides to be more mindfull of animal rights.

  2. A statement released by PETA as follows:
    To the Hammas leaders. We understand that you are in dispute with Israel. We beg you please be more carefull to aim the rockets on humans only, for the poor cows and the chickens are helpless animals why should they get involves in the conflict

  3. Jokes aside, there is much to learn from this – a cow is much tougher and harder to kill than a human. We should take from here an understanding of Hashem’s kindness to us that we don’t have 30 deaths chas veshalom for many of the over 1000 rockets launched. We also should learn not to be complacent about the situation and to realize just how serious danger the resident’s of Eretz Yisroel are truly in.