Democratic Leaders To Hammer At GWB Lane Closures


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chrNew Jersey and national Democratic Party leaders are marking the anniversary of lane closures near the George Washington Bridge with an event to criticize Gov. Chris Christie.

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and state Democratic leaders have scheduled Tuesday morning’s event in Fort Lee.

There were massive traffic jams in that community for four mornings starting on Sept. 9, 2013. That occurred due to lane closures that were apparently done for political retribution.

Federal authorities and New Jersey lawmakers are still investigating what happened.

A law firm hired by Christie’s office found no wrong-doing by the governor or other key officials in his administration.



  1. A bunch of ridiculous babies!
    Morah, he looked at me!
    There are so many real issues that need to be handled! In Newark as well as other cities there are daily homicides but the front burner issue for these loser Democrats is Lane-Closure-Gate! Are they for real!?
    The IRS scandal doesn’t interest them! Beheadings of Americans doesn’t interest them! ISIS growing and gaining ground is a non-issue! Their leader is gone golfing while our embassy and servicemen – never mind an ambassador too – Benghazi was attacked are all non issues! But a few lane closures can’t get off their front burner! Hey losers, if you want to vote for his opponent, hell, do so!