Toddler Found on a Jerusalem Bus


egednnOn Thursday 16 Elul an Egged bus driver on the Yerushalayim number 36 line did a sweep of the bus after completing a run as required. He found that a baby carriage with a two-year-old inside was left on the bus.

The driver notified police and a patrol car was dispatched. Police took the child to the Russian Compound station and Magen David Adom was summoned to check the condition of the child. The child was found to be okay.

Police are questioning the mother what happened and how she forgot her child on the bus.

The woman, a 32-year-old chareidi mother told police she did not forget her child at all. She explained she got off the bus with both arms full of shopping and bags and placed them on the sidewalk. When she turned around to get her stroller off the bus the driver sped off, leaving her there and her child on the bus.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I can believe it. On more than one occasion I’ve seen this almost happen – if not for alert bystanders forcing the bus to stop. Often the drivers will ignore bystanders if he thinks they just want to get on after he’s pulled away from the stop.
    Calling the police doesn’t help either. They’ll just tell you to stay where you are and half an hour later a motorcycle cop might show up to file a report.
    The only options are to either stay at the open door util all children and possessions are on/off the bus or get a verbal confirmation from the driver that you have more than one shift to load/unload.

  2. I have seen this happen many, many times. These women cannot hold/handle all their packages, kids & strollers without the help and kindness of strangers.

    I really wish the bus drivers would ask if everyone is off before they shut the doors and take off. The kindness and thoughtlessness of Israelis has always been a puzzle to me

  3. Did she notify the police as soon as the bus pulled way? Because the driver apparently was unaware of the incident until he made his sweep of the bus AFTER COMPLETING HIS RUN..

  4. Something is wrong here. If the mother knew she left the kid there how did the driver find him after the shift? The mother didn’t make sure to somehow follow the bus? Or call the police?

  5. I was once in a taxi and I got out to take the stroller out of the trunk, as so as I closed the trunk the driver drove off with my baby still in the car! The guy drove down the block before he realized. It was very scary.

  6. #4, #5- What makes you think that this occurred long before the end of his run? First of all we must give her the benefit of the doubt, and second there are grounds to say that it was right before because someone would have stopped him by telling him about the baby.
    There’s really no reason to accuse her.