WATCH: Muslims Set French Flag Ablaze on Har Habayis




The anger of the Israeli Muslim community has shifted from Israel temporarily and turned to France. Islamic burned the French national flag and shouted insults on Har Habayis in response to recent events in that country.

Israel News reported on Sunday morning 27 Teves that French authorities buried one of the Charlie Hebdo terrorists, Cherif Kouachi, and the location of the grave will not be revealed to prevent it from becoming a Muslim pilgrimage site. French officials did report that the burial was near a cemetery in Gennevilliers, where he used to live.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. At least for the moment, the French are the courageous ones fighting the terrorists, which the terrorist’s supporters find annoying (however the US under Obama and Kerry is struggling to fill the vacancy as the world’s leading surrender monkey).

  2. kehath64 : Whether you are looking at the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, or the broad conflict between the Islamic “Terrorists” (Islamic State and al Queda and the like) versus the rest of humanity, there are many Arabs on “our” side. Indeed, most of the serious fighting against Islamic State is being done by Muslims in places such Nigeria, Syria and Iraq, and increasing Pakistan (where the local manifestation is the Taliban and what’s left of al Queda), and while only a handful of Jews have been killed, and only a negligble number of westerners (either as civilians or soldiers), the Muslims have lost in the thousands and tens of thousands fighting the terrorists.