BREAKING PHOTOS: Scene Of Hizbullah Terror Attack In Northern israel That Left Two IDF Soldiers Dead And Others Wounded


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  1. BDE 馃檨

    Easily preventable, and someone is going to get punished for this.

    Non armored vehicles on the border fence?

    That was EXPECTED to flare up?

    With an adversary that we KNOW has the most modern anti-armor missiles available and all the time to wait and use them”

    ….. this was careless, and someone’s head will roll.

    These missiles would’ve hurt any armored vehicle, up to and including the newest tanks (Trophy aside), and they fired them at a thin skinned humvee and a pickup truck…. the results were inevitable.

  2. #1, I am not sure what you are talking about and if we are saying random things, I like chocolate chip cookies. #s 2&3, both true. So sad to hear about this tragedy and yes it probably could have been prevented. But that should never take away from the tragedy