BDE: Two IDF Soldiers Killed in Hizbullah Attack


candle91416:25: It is now permitted to report that two IDF soldiers were killed in the Hizbullah rocket attack that struck an IDF vehicle near the northern border.

One of the fallen was a company commander and the second a soldier seated at his side. Their identities to be announced when cleared by the IDF Spokesman.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. But let me guess their last name is not Netanyahu or Gantz? This Gantz fellow is a terrible general who could not run a bodega if he had to.

  2. What a chutzpah for you to imply that General Gantz dose not know what he is doing!
    Do you not realize that it’s HaShem Yisbaruch that chose the general to lead the IDF?
    It’s ridiculous to think that HaShem would gamble with his own children lives by allowing a incompetent person to be responsible for inyanim in denai nefashos!
    Finally, since you ” apparently” are qualified in the area of what makes a military commander suited for a position like his.
    Who do you think is a better choice for the chief of staff role?
    You must know of one, to be able to hold of such a opinion.

  3. To take a time such as this, when two soldiers were killed and numerous others wounded and to use it to promote a political agenda because you don’t like the prime minister, defense minister or any other political or religious figure is as close to despicable as I can imagine. Two soldiers have their lives for their country and all you have to say is ” I bet their last names are not Gantz or Netanyahu”?!