Rav Yehuda Adas: Don’t Report to Induction Centers


adasRosh Yeshivas Kol Yaakov HaGaon HaRav Yehuda Adas is instructing his talmidim not to report to IDF induction centers. He explained that he realizes he was lied to by IDF officials and at present, talmidim should not report to IDF centers.

The agreement reached between the Vaad Yeshivos and Rav Adas promises him there will never be female personnel in the centers dealing with bnei torah. Rav Adas however now admits he erred for he has received firsthand reports that IDF officials have lied and there are indeed female soldiers in the induction center.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I’m just curious what other people here think about this. Do people honestly believe that we are incapable of learning how to interact with women without objectifying them?

  2. #3
    Any facts, names, sources or statistics on that statement?

    Another question: Do any frum families ever visit a female dr. if they are male, or a male dr. if they are female????

  3. To #3 (About Time)

    It’s about time to (a) not to listen and even less to believe so called “reports” and rumors. I served in the IDF. I have never experienced and I have heard males required to undress in front of female soldiers. It’s lie and slander and you are guilty of believing and spreading slander.

  4. Gomu; I think you completely miss the point here. There were certain agreements reached, and they were breached. Now, no word of an army official is worthwhile. It does not matter at all if students can handle seeing a woman.

    In general the tone of interaction between the boys and the army ought to be one of respect; the boys respect that the army is protecting them and the army respects that the boys have chosen to study. Breaking the agreement on this matter signifies disregard for the students, and is especially egregious.

    There is more, but let that suffice for now. Meet with Rav Addass. I propose that you will find him levelheaded and calculated. He is no torch-waving zealot. I’d respect his decision, at a minimum.