BREAKING PHOTOS: Fire At ‘Towne Variety’ Hardware Store On Main Street In Queens; FDNY And Hatzolah On Scene [2:45PM EST]


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  1. Oy where will I toyvel my pots pans and knives! My children love the games there! What a shame they had the best school supplies in 1995! Let’s go get our keys cut!

  2. just another yukal,

    Really??? A frum family’s business just went up in flames, not even accounting for the smoke damage to the adjoining business (also owned by frum people) and your response is to make fun???

    I can’t even begin to understand such a mindset.

  3. I cant believe how people sit in a beis medrish all their life, not contributing anything to society but they do. so if another yokel wants to make light of the situation thats just who they are and atleast they are contributing SOMETHING to this world

  4. They have a second location down Main Street a few blocks over on the block Of seasons and s&m pharmacy for paints and hardware. I’m sure that we will see more items available there and this only means that one of the most run down stores on Main Street gets to join the 21st Century and build up bigger better stronger and more resilient in line with the owners Beverly and Sam Goldberg whose heart and soul have long been a community stronghold .

  5. For all those that want to stop by the other spot it’s at 68-42 Main Street, 718-261-0100 im sure they will appreciate ur support!