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Frum Man R”L Killed After Falling Off Ladder In Brooklyn [UPDATED 8:44PM]

candle914Sources confirm to YWN that the victim who fell off a ladder earlier in Brooklyn, has R”L been Niftar at the hospital. Doctors at the Lutheran Trauma Center tried desperately to save the mans life, but he was Niftar due to massive internal injuries.

Additional information will be published pending proper notifications.

Earlier article follows below:

A man was reportedly in traumatic arrest Thursday afternoon, after falling off a high ladder.

Boro Park Hatzolah was called to 20th Street and 8th Avenue at around 6:35PM, for reports of a man who fell from a height. Upon their arrival, they found an approximately 40-year-old man with serious injuries as a result of falling from a height of 30 feet. Paramedics were rushed to the scene and were trying to stabilize him.

He was transported to Lutheran Trauma Center, and unfortunately went into traumatic arrest during transport.

Police from the NYPD’s 72nd precinct were on the scene conducting an investigation.


(Chaim Shaprio – YWN)

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  1. Terrible tragedy!
    It should not sound nasty nor tasteless but I wonder if the goyishe media will start asking Jews to buy safe ladders. Will Home Depot, upon the urging of Dov Hikind, give out safe ones? Will we all be lectured on safe ladder usage?
    This tragedy atop thd one from last Shabbos are terrible and horrific. But tragedies they are nontheless and I’m not חלילה making light of them. But we’re not a community of dunces! We are a very caring and a very safe community. Accidents do happen and some are tragic. רח”ל.
    May the בורא עולם watch and protect ALL His טייערע שייפעלעך.

  2. Yaapchick you are way out of line. Accidents due indeed happen but they should alert us to change our ways when their sources are something we can prevent from happening again. Everyone must have smoke alarms. Don’t tell me otherwise. And yes they should be pushing for people to get them. Does that mean it wasn’t tad hashed in this particularly tragic scenario. Of course not. If those neshamas were meant to be in the Oylam haemes they would be there with or without smoke alarms but hashem in choosing this scenario wanted to wake up the community and create an awareness for others to put smoke alarms in. Why do you try to fight that?

  3. to Yaapchik

    climbing up and standing on a ladder is not with out risks. I worked at a very large company maintenance and was actually trained how to use a ladder. One time I did against their ladder rules and was caught by a safety man who threatened to fire me if I did not follow the rules.

    I have since left them, but in my house I was doing some work and did not follow training rules, I slipped and luckily fell onto a soft object. If it were not for that I might also be in the emergency room.

    Bottom line, ladders can be dangerous. Always have some one hold the ladder if you go up high.

  4. Terrible Tradegy, my condolences go out to the family, Companies are required to assure all employees are safe on the site, prior to work; please take every precaution when working to all ways be safe, & only good shall only bring the Geulah closer, & experiness good!!!

  5. I fell off a ladder 3 months ago from a height of apporximately 5 feet. It was a nes that I wasn’t seriously injured although I did suffer a rotator cuff injury. I was on a safe ladder but I stretched too far to place something on the top shelf of my garage and lost my balance. I grabbed the shelf with my left arm to stop the fall, hence the rotator cuff injury. I flew off the ladder and landed perpendicular to where I had been on the ladder, apprximately 10 feet away from its base! I was wearing a well padded winter coat and landed on my back without any pain from the impact. Even more of a wonder was that I landed on a rug which had just been placed there temporarily! Had I landed near the ladder parallel to it I could have been seriously injured as there were hard sharp objects there. My take away from it was that it was definitely an onesh min hashomayim but at the same time I realize that I was careless in stretching too far. At the same time, just as ‘im HaShem lo yishmor ir shov shokad shomer’, the same holds true for our very lives and health.

  6. My point was misunderstood by #4 & #6.
    I can’t undescore enough the need for caution when climbing ladders and certainly with regard to smoke detectors. They are lifesavers.
    My point was that the goyishe media looks down at us. We’re archaic with our cooking safety as it relates to Shabbos – just wait for B’dikas Chometz and Srayfaas Chometz – OMG how they’ll attack us: they’re relentless!
    We know how to cook. And there’s nothing wrong with slow cookers or hot plates, so long as they’re safe and used safely.
    And we do know how important smoke detectors are! We’re not stupid!
    But the media makes us out to be the dumbest and most archaic of mankind!
    That’s my point!
    May haShem always have rachmanus on ALL His קינדערלעך.

  7. Luckshun Kugel- “Bottom line, ladders can be dangerous. Always have some one hold the ladder if you go up high”
    If you don’t have s/o to hold the ladder, they have ladder safety products. Check out Northern Safety products, they’re online.

  8. This awful event makes me think of gila bas Francis and tzipporah bas gila (H’ should grant them both a refuah sheleimah) who jumped from the second floor of their home.
    It highlights the miracle in that unimaginable tragedy that they both survived a fall from such a height.

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