Arab Driver Who Murdered Shalom Yochai Sherki HYD ‘Wanted to Kill Jews’


sys2Earlier this week, police have declared the vehicular death of shalom Yochai Sherki HY”D an act of terror and the investigation continues. 20-year-old Shira bas Ada Klein remains hospitalized. She was seriously injured and is in need of tefilos. Hadassah officials report that she is improving but remains in serious/stable condition today.

The terrorist, Khaled Kutina, 37, an Arab resident of Jerusalem, explained to interrogators that he sought to “kill Jews” when he rammed his vehicle into a French Hill bus stop. His remand has been extended until Thursday, 4 Iyar as police investigators continue to piece together the events of the fatal attack.

During the preliminary investigation Khaled told ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) agents that an Egged bus’ route is what compelled him onto the sidewalk into the bus stop, insisting it was an accident. He later changed his story, explaining it was an intentional act, an act of terror.

He added that he drove his parents and family members from Anata and they were delayed at a security checkpoint earlier and that he was very angry as a result. After he dropped them off he made the decision to attack Jews in an act of revenge for his “pathetic life”. He has already undergone a psychiatric evaluation and has been judged fit to stand trial.

It is reported that in response to terror attacks in Yerushalayim during recent months, security officials will be placing concrete dividers in areas on Route 1, the major route used in the area of French Hill and Mt. Scopus to perpetrate vehicular attacks.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Delayed? Kutina is right! Arabs should not be allowed to own cars or drive. When will Israel learn that they are nurturing a fifth column within their borders and restrict or remove them?