New Square: 2-Year-Old Child Struck By Emergency Vehicle on Friday Evening


pdcOn Friday evening, Ramapo PD received a call that a child pedestrian was struck by an automobile on Reagan Road in New Square.

Responding officers learned the driver, a volunteer emergency first responder was responding (westbound on Reagan) to a medical emergency when a child ran into the road striking his vehicle. The vehicle is reported to have had emergency lights activated and travelling at a slow rate of speed due to heavy sun-glare. The child, a 2 year old, suffered minor injuries but was taken to Westchester Medical for precautionary testing. The child was transported by Hatzolah Ambulance.

The driver was not issued any traffic tickets, nor were any violations noted.

As a reminder to all residents:

• Please be aware of your surroundings as well as your child’s surroundings, especially when outdoors. Supervision of children is necessary for a host of reasons, their safety being one of them.

• With the warming temperatures there will be more pedestrians on or near our roadways, please drive safely.

• Friday nights, after sundown, many of our residents are observing Shabbos. Part of that observation has them walking, instead of driving. Please be cognizant of this, respect their observance and drive carefully.

(YWN Monsey Newsroom)