Spring Valley: Pair Charged With Hate Crime Over Alleged Arson


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20150513095243A homeless man and a teenager have been charged with a hate crime for allegedly torching a Spring valley home.

The Journal News says 29-year-old Anner Grijalva-Esquival and a 16-year-old boy face arson charges after allegedly torching an abandoned home in Spring Valley on May 13, as was reported by YWN Monsey.

Police say the two set fire to the home because of a dispute they had with several individuals. Investigators say they thought the individuals were squatting in the house when they torched it.

The home had been boarded up for years. Authorities say a man’s decomposing body was later found there under a blanket and was unrelated to the arson. Investigators are still working on identifying him and determining his cause of death.

Authorities wouldn’t say how the fire started.

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