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Democratic Senator Leaning Toward Support of Iran Deal

jmDemocratic Sen. Joe Manchin says he’s leaning toward supporting the Iranian nuclear deal, because the alternative would be war.

The West Virginia senator is the latest Democrat to speak favorably of the agreement. Democrats have started lining up to support the pact as the Obama administration works to sell it to lawmakers.

Secretary of State John Kerry argued the case on Capitol Hill last week. Congress has 60 days to review the agreement, which lifts economic sanctions if Iran curbs its nuclear program’s capacity.

Manchin tells CBS’ “Face the Nation” he’s spoken to leaders in four of the five countries that negotiated the Iran nuclear deal, and if Congress rejects it, the U.S. will be on its own and faced with going to war against Iran.


6 Responses

  1. It’s as simple as apple pie: either support it or war!
    Isn’t that ridiculous!?
    Has this West Virginian spoken to any of the middle eastern countries that will likely be the beneficiaries of this flawed, phsycotic reasoning? It almost soynds like Pelosi when she yold the country that we need to pass the health care bill so that we could see what’s in it!
    How can this nimwit speak to other nations who made the deal and not to even one of the nations who will be a direct rarget of the Iranian terrorist regime? And this guy is a lawmaker!

  2. Do they really not realize that Iran is already at war with the US? Does the phrase ‘death to America’ mean what it used to mean?

    I wonder what Obama promised him. Nobody is that stupid.

  3. How stupid do you need to be to be a Democrat. We have a idiot rasha for a president, a former head of the house pelosi and now this idiot. Israel was better off not starting a peace process in 1992 and it has led nothing but deaths. And now we have giving Iran they keys to a nuclear bomb and this idiot says we must. We should have done nothing. But obama thinks he is smarter than anybody else in the world just ask Valreir Jarrett. The idiots have led us to a 3 world war.

  4. “It’s as simple as apple pie: either support it or war!
    Isn’t that ridiculous!?”

    Not ridiculous at all; many if the deal’s opponents are specifically calling for war. Now.

  5. Re comment no. 5: Your foolish comment fails to identify the additional fool of whom you speak. As it says in the Torah, “I told you not to be stupid, you moron.”

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