The Busiest Day of the Summer at Ben-Gurion International Airport


elalOver 79,000 people are expected to pass through Ben-Gurion International Airport, traveling on one of 457 flights on one of the busiest days of the year at the airport.

Thursday, 28 Menachem Av is reportedly the busiest day of the 2015 summer season at the nation’s international airport and if the numbers are correct, it will be the busiest day ever since the airport was established. Over 79,000 passengers will enter and leave the country on Thursday on one of 457 incoming and outgoing flights. A flight will take off or land every three minutes on the average.

According to date provided by the Israel Ports Authority, 40,000 people are leaving Israel on Thursday while 37,600 are entering the country. It is also reported that all records set at the airport for the most travelers have been set during the month of August.

Because there are so many passengers leaving and arriving, passengers are strongly advised to be at the airport three hours ahead of scheduled departure. The airport since July has moved to special summer operations towards meeting the increased demand during the vacation months but there are delays, especially at security baggage inspection points.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)